No need to be a voice of reason

Anyone who follows this blog would know I’ve regularly tried to make reasoned posts against the vocal call to nerf Empire and force its inhabitance to play the game differently.

The chief protagonist at the moment for such demands is the CSM Candidate James 315. You can read his platform here.

James is either the most excellent of trolls, or completely clueless when it comes to understanding the average Empire player. Either way – there is no value in trying to reason with him.

Jester does a fair effort to try and do just that here – but as you can tell by the comments of James 315’s supporters – they are too busy salivating at their version of nirvana to be distracted by the trivialities of reality.

I don’t imagine CCP would court ruination by entertaining any of James 315’s Empire nerfs – but a little part of me wishes they did. The only way I could imagine this troop would accept they might be wrong is when they look upon the depopulated wasteland that would be Empire, and wonder why almost everyone just left the game instead of moving into Low or Null Sec. That is probably the only way we are ever going to hear something more sensible out of them.

In the meanwhile I am not going to bother reasoning with them. I am just going to smirk to myself, and categorise James 315 and his supporters as “comedy gold”.