No need to be a voice of reason

Anyone who follows this blog would know I’ve regularly tried to make reasoned posts against the vocal call to nerf Empire and force its inhabitance to play the game differently.

The chief protagonist at the moment for such demands is the CSM Candidate James 315. You can read his platform here.

James is either the most excellent of trolls, or completely clueless when it comes to understanding the average Empire player. Either way – there is no value in trying to reason with him.

Jester does a fair effort to try and do just that here – but as you can tell by the comments of James 315’s supporters – they are too busy salivating at their version of nirvana to be distracted by the trivialities of reality.

I don’t imagine CCP would court ruination by entertaining any of James 315’s Empire nerfs – but a little part of me wishes they did. The only way I could imagine this troop would accept they might be wrong is when they look upon the depopulated wasteland that would be Empire, and wonder why almost everyone just left the game instead of moving into Low or Null Sec. That is probably the only way we are ever going to hear something more sensible out of them.

In the meanwhile I am not going to bother reasoning with them. I am just going to smirk to myself, and categorise James 315 and his supporters as “comedy gold”.

9 thoughts on “No need to be a voice of reason

  1. I believe you’re correct in your assertation in regard to highsec. CCP wants to draw in and keep new players. If these bumpers/gankers REALLY wanted to fix the isk inflation problem, they’d go after the botters working anomalies 24/7 in null. Alas, I see none of these guys out there in null trying to ‘fix’ that problem. They instead chase after the low hanging fruit, chasing non-existent windmills under the guise of some sort of new religion.

  2. James 315 believes that adjusting the risk reward ratios of high sec to favour low sec for better rewards will drive people to low sec to reap those higher rewards. Obviously from what you’ve said above you believe that it will drive high sec players out of the game altogether. Both outcomes being opposite in nature cannot logically be true. Either one being fulfilled would invalidate the other and prove it to have been based on false assumption. Also other less extreme outcomes are possible – an example of this would be no-one moving from high sec, and no-one leaving Eve.

    Can you provide any argument to back up your assumptions that players would leave Eve rather than play an Eve where low sec had greater rewards than high-sec? I acknowledge as a supporter of James’ vision that James similarly must backup his assumptions that has agenda would encourage players who currently enjoy the almost risk free rewards of high sec to venture into low sec for the best rewards. But you too should also come up with some logical argument to backup your assertion.
    ‘I could make some fantastic arguments, but the opposition isn’t worth bothering with’ is a lazy and transparent face saving attempt to deny an underlying lack of any logical reasoning.

    I would like to summarise some of the arguments as to why James’ ideas might work as he intends:
    Players of all competitive games tend to min max. Maximise their rewards whilst minimising their risk/effort. It’s human nature. Game theory is full of it. When players in Eve can get a reward for zero effort and no risk – mine AFK in high sec. They will take that free reward any time. Many eve players rake in reward when they are off doing something else – working, sleeping, etc…. High sec is an enabler. Risk is not zero but it is minimal. High sec enables Eve players to gain reward for zero effort at minimal risk. I cite the FA hulks killed recently by the New Order AFK mining in high sec rather than their own 0.0 territory for the purpose of gaining free isk. Their reaction shows how much risk they though they faced during this process.
    I have to go now but will continue this as soon as I can.

    • Morning tuberchimpy!

      I think you missed the point of my post – which was that in my humble opinion, debating with James 315 and his followers would be pointless given their professional and troll like evangelism. I have seen many examples of people trying through blogs, news sites and forum posts, and liken it to debating a dozen stout and proud Jehovah Witnesses on your doorstep about why their views on religion are wrong.

      I don’t see any point where I suggest I could “make some fantastic arguments”, and it is odd that you would think I care about saving face, given I blog about being a risk adverse Empire Carebear, and then frequently show now I am not very good at it. Regardless, I do concede your point that my post could well be construed as lazy instead of humorous.

      If I was convinced that debating James 315 had any purpose, I would need more information on his views. To begin with – explaining why he is confident he understands the mindset and reactions of the average Empire Player. If I am convinced that he actually might be more knowledge on that topic than first appears, a debate might be interesting.

      His stated objectives include getting people out of Hi-Sec – and we both agree that his changes would do just that. The conjecture would be on what numbers and in what direction those people headed. Do you happen to know James 315’s projections or targets on how many move, how many will stay, and how many will leave the game altogether? That might give us a starting base on something to discuss.

      As regards my credentials for having an opinion (is that even a requirement for the Internet?) – you can judge that for yourself. There are some 330+ blog posts here which outline my in game experience, background, and previous views on Empire nerfs. Some change over time, so best to read from the start. If after that you conclude that I would have no grasp on the average Empire Player’s mentality, then please feel free to sit back smugly in your knowledge that I am the one talking out of my arse.

      In the meanwhile – I left links to both James 315’s platform manifesto (which I presume flagged this low read blog for your attention), and Jester’s relevant and generally apposing thoughts. I’m not one to stifle debate – even if I view it to be pointless.

    • A comment left on Jester’s Trek…

      Anonymous March 7, 2013 at 2:07 PM

      Well, no.

      I’ll neither protect my AFK mining, nor pledge allegiance to sbd. who is blackmailing me.

      I’ll simply continue to (AFK) mine in Exhumers. If that stops being profitable due to ganks, I’ll AFK-mine in T1 barges.

      If – quite unlikely – that stops being profitable, I’d stop playing Eve while watching TV.

      • It would be nice to think that person was just a James 315 supporter- playing a poor devil’s advocate to try and bolster their argument. But in reality there are players just like that. Interestingly enough – they can already be dealt with fine within the current suicide gank rules…

  3. Reason never wins against emotion… you know that Hermit… and J315 is appealing directly to some base recessive urge inbred into his sycophants adrenaline damaged brains… =]

    Emotional arguments can make otherwise seemingly sane people, burn young women alive as witches… because they are able to float in water…

  4. You are correct, however the best way to deal with trolls and other idiots is to ignore them. They do it for the attention, if they don’t get attention they usually stop.

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