I took a week off to recharge the batteries and get stuck into some quality EVE playing.

Then Real Life happened.

I end my week exhausted, overwhelmed, and with barely 10 minutes spent logged into the game.  Posts might be sparse for a while.

I wanted to comment on the change of direction of the EVE Client Launcher –

CCP never really finished the first version of the launcher. It came with promises of future iterations that never saw the light of day. While I appreciate the change to the more robust nature of the BitTorrent protocol – it comes at a cost. For those of us who have both down and uploads count towards their monthly quota, the patch files will effectively be a larger hit. Further – some ISP specifically throttle Torrent Traffic, so patching could take longer.  I suspect for each problem they resolve with such a move, they will just create new ones.

One thought on “Blah

  1. I used to manage a wireless ISP that had a very small (8GB/month) quota; overages cost $20 per GB over. So, you can imagine I’ve heard your sort of frustrations many times, as more popular games move toward this same peer-to-peer model, effectively pushing their bandwidth costs to their customer’s ISP, and, in cases of quotas, to their own customers as well (who are paying a subscription most would contend should be paying for said bandwidth costs already). This is definitely a point that should be broached with CCP.

    The issue of extra bandwidth consumption could be addressed by allowing users that have local quotas to disable peer-to-peer updating and CCP would still host a smaller number of servers to cater to those folks. This is the model Blizzard uses on the World of Warcraft launcher, which works in much the same way the current EVE launcher does.

    Regarding an ISP throttling BitTorrent traffic, I also have some info that might help. The ISP I worked at used a hardware device to analyze network traffic and classify the traffic, which could later be used to selectively throttle any traffic class. The best solution here would be to have the EVE launcher use encrypted TCP connections when negotiating peer-to-peer connections for updating. SSL traffic just looks like SSL traffic to a packet analyzer, without having much more sophisticated encryption signature analysis (which few ISPs are likely to have). This would prevent the ISP from being able to throttle your traffic, as your SSL torrenting would appear as regular SSL traffic used by websites and applications for business, such as VPNs.

    Just a few cents from a fellow EVE capsuleer…

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