Collecting Scraps

The last fortnight in game was a complete waste – I am not even sure I managed to undock once. Unfortunately I don’t envision that improving a great deal into the foreseeable future.

Ok – best not wallow in self-pity. I have a small window of opportunity to undock, so let’s get to it.

I have trade goods to pick up from 16 stations – one Iteron V and one Orca load from the look of it. I’ve gone back to fitting a 100MN MWD to my hauling Orca. It certainly speeds the trip up, but at the cost of nearly 20Km3 cargo space and 100K EHP of tank. The risks are relatively low, so I go the convenience route.

There is not a great deal of profit in what I am collecting. Not being able to update my orders meant I wasn’t exposed to the more profitable goods for long enough. This stuff is the scrap no one else can be bothered with. (Although having said that, it ends up being near on 150M in sell orders, and should clear profits of around 50M ISK.)

I had decided I would put in one month more of POS fuel and do some serious copying so that I could do some invention attempts later. That is just clearly not going to happen – so when I get some time I will remove my labs and leave the POS anchored but offline. No use spending the ISK on fuel, and I can easily enough put it back online when the need arises.

I have completed my Destroyer and Battlecruiser training across all my accounts, so am ready in that regard for the next expansion. My Main and Main Alt don’t have specific training goals, so both are currently just training the first things which happen to stand out when I look at their skill tree. Mostly that is just getting skills up to rank IV, even if I don’t particular need them, just so the skill lists line up better… My main is currently working on Citadel Torpedoes IV, and my Main Alt – for no reason I can remember picking it, is half way through Electronic Attack Ships V. My last account is training up one of my alts on Destroyer V.

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