First look at the resource rebalancing

CCP have released details of the Odyssey expansion resource rebalancing.


I had been wondering how they would try to address this – particularly given the cries of nerf Empire which seem to be so prevalent.  For the most part however they concentrated on buffing Low and Null Sec.


Ore Mining –

They have buffered the Tritanium, Pyerite, Mexallon and Isogen volumes in some of the Ores found outside of Empire – making them both worth noticeably more, and possibly making it more viable to mine your requirements for these outside of Empire.

Hidden belts will no longer be searched for via Exploration – they will be available via the onboard system scanner.  Reading between the lines I expect this will also include an Empire nerf, by ensuring you can’t find these boosted asteroids in any Empire sites.


Ice Mining –

They are removing static Ice Belts.  You will find Ice in Anomalies, spawned in systems that previously had Ice Belts (excluding some removed for good in Amarr aligned empire space).  These sites will respawn every 4 hours – to allow their use across all timezones.  The empire sites will contain enough resources for around 80% of the games fuel needs.  Oddly they are halving the cycle time of Ice Harvesters by 50%.  It is an empire Nerf, but not one the average player is likely to complain about.


Player Outposts –

They are substantially boosting the number of installations available on all player-built outposts, making it much more viable to use them for all your manufacturing needs.  I think this should have been done a long time ago.


Moon mining and T2 Production –

There are changes to reduce the Technetium bottlenecks, and to more evenly spread the four rarest moon minerals around.  I can’t comment on the full impact of these changes, although I do like that they are making each R64 mineral more strongly associated with each Empire’s Tech Two ships.  I like that dynamic.


Null Sec Anomalies

Another area I can’t fully comment on – but it reads as a bit of rebalancing and adding warp disrupting NPC’s into any high level anomalies currently lacking them.


I am sure there will be plenty of unhappy people, but for the average casual empire player these changes, aside initial disruptions and price fluctuations, won’t really change their game too much.  I’m not entirely sure you will see anything but minor population shifts, but the changes should make it more viable for those already out of Empire to be more self-reliant.