April Done

Game Hours & Play

RL remains extremely busy.  I played probably around 7 or 8 hours in total for the entire month.  Most of that was spent on trading, with a small period used to remove my POS from space.


Fluid ISK at the start of May

I only keep an amateurish measurement of my Trade and Industry profits – based around fluid ISK.

4.8B Wallet
0.2B Escrow
0.8B Stock on Market *
5.8B ISK

Input Assets

1.2B Manufacturing Supplies
0.9B POS Fuel **
0.0B Long Term Speculative Stock (Not valued)

Known Expenses for the month

24M Office Rentals
4M Alliance Fees

So my position improved by around 600M in April, which I guess is reasonable given the hours spent.

(* Stock Value calculated at 80%, roughly at fire sale to Jita buy orders)
(** POS offlined in March)


Industry / Trade Details

I identified no new market opportunities – mainly as I didn’t look for any.

There was not much turn over on my speculative buy orders on low volume but expensive hulls.  The competition that flared up at the end of March however mostly disappeared over April.

The only Station containers I have left are in out of the way Low Sec systems, so turnover is very slow.  The various small, medium and large containers are also turning over slowly, in part due to competition.

Destroyer hulls continue to flip ok, although I have competition so am not on top of the buy orders that often.

There was minimal Faction Tag turnover – due to competition and a lack of sellers.

Flipping of T2 Modules remained generally lower this month – both due to competition and I think just generally less sellers.  There were a couple exceptions.

Flipping Mining hulls continues to be profitable, with sporadic competition.  I did end up with a stockpile of hulls, but they have now mostly cleared.

I don’t have any implants on the market at the moment.

I did pick up reasonable volumes of POS fuel – but expect to drop out of the market given its current volatility and number of competitors.

There were no PI runs in the month.

I removed the POS – I am going days between logging in, so won’t catch War Decs in time.



Account 1 (Main) – Capital Projectile Turret IV, Capital Energy Turret IV, and Astrometric Pinpointing V were covered off.  He is currently working on Explosive Armor Compensation V.

Account 2 (Main Alt) – Spent the first half of the month working on getting most of this trading skills to rank IV.  The second half of the month was spent on ORE Industrial V.

Account 3 (Industry Alt) – Completed Anchoring V and Starbase Defense Management IV, Broker Relations V, then a mix of general skills from rank III to IV, including the shield compensation skills.



Still none right now.

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