I’ve continued to leave my three toons logged in while I work. Just doing my part.

I’ve got 3 Gnosis (as I have three accounts), and I managed to pick up a 4th for 50M on a buy order. I’ve still got buy orders up for some more, but there is plenty of competition and the buy order price has more than doubled. (Cheaper though that the trading centres currently).

I’m not entirely sure how best to fit the ship. I’ve got a Sisters Expanded Probe Launcher, a Federation 10MN Afterburner, T2 Analyzer and a T2 Codebreaker, and a T2 Damage Control. The ship probably needs an extra high slot, as I have a T2 Salvager on too, but it loses one of its turrets. Obviously I should go for an Armour Tank at this point – but I’m just not sure what to do with all the extra slots. An interesting ship. Pity EFT doesn’t support it as yet – should download the latest PYFA version, might speed my thought process up.

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