Gnosis flipping



I added a cheap Gnosis to my hanger, bringing the count to 4. I updated PYFA and played around looking for an exploration fit for it, but did not hit on any that I was especially happy with. (I have not given up trying.) I expect they will end up in storage.

That is not to say the ship isn’t any good – it just isn’t as good as what I already fly for the task. I was listening to chatter yesterday between two newer characters and they were very excited to be flying a Battlecruiser for the first time. I think for new toons it will be a great ship – plus I expect it is flexible enough to have some niche fittings for Vets. All told, one of the best free gifts ever from CPP.

I took the opportunity while I was idling online yesterday to play the trading game with the Gnosis, flipping them. The Corp made a clear profit of 440M by the start of the early downtime. All told I cleared more than 500M in profits for the sporadic updates to my trading over the day.

Speaking on downtime – I must admit I am feeling a bit miffed at how long it was. Not because I was desperate to play EVE, but because it was apparent this was a Dust update, which we had to sit around waiting to complete.

The EVE related patch notes can be read here.

The V3 treatment of the Ship Hangers seems a bit hit and miss, especially the Amarr hanger I usually sit in. Long distance views look much better, but the close up structures really seem blocky and unrealistic.

One thought on “Gnosis flipping

  1. The Gallente hangars look a bit off too. The problem is the new hangars make you notice the low quality texture maps on structures close to your viewpoint. The new high-resolution texture pack can’t come soon enough.

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