Bot batting

I update my trade orders any time between 5am and midnight local, on any day of the week. I can go days between updates, or I might make 20+ updates in one day.

I’ve remarked before about how much you can learn about the people you compete against in a backwater region. When they update, how they update, what sort of competition they provide. Some are in it for the long haul; others appear in a rush and then fade away.

Then every so often you run into a Bot.

Mostly these only appear during hot moments on hot items – after a DEV blog or expansion hits the markets. Just lately however I’ve been competing against one in a particular segment of the market.

There initially seem to be randomness to its updates so I thought I was up against a no-lifer trader, who just happens to be online 16 hours a day. But then patterns started to stand out.

I update a buy order, only to have it beaten within 5 minutes. I update my buy order as soon as I can, and it is again beaten as soon as the competitor can. This cycle continues a number of turns before the opponent appears to give up. Exactly 60 minutes later however they update their order again. This then repeats, on the hour, for another set number of turns. I haven’t worked out the next cycle fully as I simply can’t play and pay attention to EVE for that long, but the whole process will restart again with the 5 minute cycle and progress in the same pattern.

I know the person behind the bot turns off his computer to sleep – as there are 6 to 7 hours a day where there are no updates.

When I have had enough of working out how the bot has been configured, I will deliberately crash the market in all the items we are competing on, with buy orders than only break even or even take a small loss. I’m happy to be annoying like that.

That is not however taking a huge amount of effort – I have been catching up on some recorded TV shows this weekend, and just left EVE running on the adjacent screen.

Tonight I actually undocked and did some running around. I’ve had various POS fuel components stockpiled, but was missing bits and bobs and wasn’t able to convert them into fuel blocks. I finally remedied that, and those are now in manufacture. There should be around 500M worth, which makes me wonder why I didn’t get around to that earlier.

I also spent some time watching JonnyPew’s latest EVE Youtube videos. I do like both the radial menu and cinematic stargate effects coming up in the next expansion.

5 thoughts on “Bot batting

  1. You know, that pattern almost seems like a slot machine pattern. The BOT reacts to human play with specific reactions designed to dissuade but, failing that, to get the player to walk away. This is slot machine logic in reverse is it not?

    • Remind me never to do a search on slot machine logic again. There is everything from mathematical and social sciences to raving conspiracy theorists! I presume the whole logic is to hide the fact it is a market bot – and accept not being at the top of the buy order pile 100% of the time.

  2. please take copious notes and report the guy for botting while you crash the market. Hopefully he gets banned as well as loses some isk.

    • I can’t get the players name without selling something expensive to him at huge loss. If the bot follows me when I crash the market, I’ll flip something to them. I haven’t heard too many people making positive remarks on dobbing in market bots though.

  3. The best you can do is keep profits down long enough the botter gives up and goes looking for more lucrative profits elsewhere. That can take a long time, especially if there are gaps in your coverage.

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