Maybe I am the bot

I am still playing the 0.01ISK battle with the recent arrived competitor. Their updates are more sporadic and human like now – although they come in spits and spurts at almost any time of day. They are quite persistent.

I wonder what they think of my updates. I’ve left my trading toon logged in all day since the weekend, and am generally adjusting my orders within an hour of theirs. (Or like just now, within minutes.) It isn’t a huge effort, given I work from home and I just leave the EVE client running, but my doggedness probably suggest at a character flaw. As it stands, my behaviour is probably more bot like than my competitor.

I am still completing on a couple of items, but I ruined the market on half a dozen other items with buy orders at or just under the breakeven point. They dropped out of all but one of those markets immediately. The remaining item I left their buy order at the top, as it is not worth playing the 0.01ISK game for the profit that remains. I’ve left my order there however to keep theirs high.

By pure luck, there has been more turn over in these markets than usual, and I have been at the top of the buy orders for most of them in recent days. I don’t expect that will continue, but profits for the month should be higher than my average.

If I took this effort into a market hub I’d have made substantially more ISK. Strangely that doesn’t seem appealing.

5 thoughts on “Maybe I am the bot

  1. I’ve this mental image now of some other guy sat in a room thinking “I’ll teach this bot a lesson, I’ll update all day”.

    Have you tried buying one item and seeing who it is?

    • I suspect the same – they are probably thinking they are dealing with a poorly programmed bot or a deranged trader. It is keeping me amused.

      I will flip an item to them once I have something I won’t make too much of a loss on. At the moment most of the stuff we are competing over has margins of 50+ mil (ship hulls). Actually – there is something now that might work. I’ll run my main out to Jita to grab it after downtime.

  2. It’s not luck there’s been more turnover. Turnover is higher because of lower sell prices which are a direct result of the competition between the 2 of you.

    BTW, for us work from home types, leaving a character logged in all day and checking it periodically throughout the day is a terrific way to beat the bots. I do it too sometimes. 🙂

  3. Anyone who updates their prices more than your/me/however you consider a Bot. Many people will try to move into a market with no competition. Some players like to move in on something profitable assuming the Trader is an absent Trader not really watching the market or paying attention. If you kinda kill the price profit immediately in some way it leaves a very bad taste for them as whats to come and many just try to move on. All depending on what the item is as well.

    Sometime you can do corporative trade competition where the one who can keep their prices updated the most the longest obviously wins the trade on sell. They are obviously a bot if they update their orders more than me obviously. But long as its not in my Trade station I can enjoy the friendly competition and have some form of competitive Trade in an unspoken way in how we eventually compete. But if that person comes to my station when they can choose to be anywhere else in the region then it will likely be a Trade War. Some other tactics, but you have to find what works for you.

    • To be fair, I did take close note of the response from this fellow trader, and over two days he very much mimicked a bot. But I do take your point, anyone who updates more frequently than you flags them as highly suspicious.

      I also agree that you can end up communicating with other traders without ever actually speaking with them. Gentlemen agreements where you leave some products alone to them, and they leave others alone for you. Another is where regional traders will leave my shorter ranged buy order at the top, with theirs 0.01ISK below. Even the timing of order updates can fall into a suitable pattern, such as having the market for 12 hours, and they have it for the next 12 hours. It is an interesting environment.

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