Easy come, easy go

I had an unexpected ISK injection from a very generous competition run by Ardent Defender

I didn’t want this to just disappear into the bank balance, so I spent some time considering how I would spend it. I wanted this to have some sort of impact on my game.

This weekend I went to Jita on a shopping trip, purchasing:

. 60 odd Shield and Armor Ancillary modules and a pile of Nanite paste and Boosters to feed them. (I haven’t actually used them before, so I am going to play around with some fittings)

. One of each of the Aliastra, Intaki Syndicate and InterBus Catalyst’s, to add to my collection

. A couple Keres and Sentinel hulls – as I’ve never used them before

. And Curse hull, just because

Goal achieved – should keep me busy and interested for a while.

Following some fairly heavy market PVP, my Trade nemesis has at least temporarily stepped back. After a week of up to 10 to 15 order changes per item each day, they have dropped back to 2 to 4 updates. (Which is still a lot for our little backwater area.) Having them watchlisted, and a seeming level of good luck is helping keep on top of the buy orders around 70% of the time.

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