So what about the magic?

EVE was down for an extended period of time as they dealt with a DDoS and an successful hack.  I watched #tweetfleet occasionally – both for updates, and for people’s reactions.

I remember a time – frankly the first few years I played EVE, where extended downtimes saw me feeling agitated.  An unannounced outage like this would have seen me decidedly antsy.  EVE was in effect was my primary source of relaxation and entertainment, and I was overly attached to it and what it provided.

This time around I just shrugged my shoulders.  No need to worry about trade updates as no one was online buying, and there wasn’t anything pressing I cared to be doing in game.

Splatus made a great blog post over here –, remarking on what you would do on the last day the EVE servers were operational.

I thought about it for quite a while.  I would not have the sense of real loss that I might have in years past.  Instead I would raise a glass to the game in thanks of the years of distraction and entertainment, and for the real communities it spawned.  I would put everything in game neatly away in place (as ludicrous as that may sound), park my characters safely, and take some screen captures.  Last of all I would probably take my favourite ship and go watch some of the last day antics while cloaked, and write my last EVE blog post.  I’d be more thankful than sad, and my real life would be just a little richer for having a few more hours of my time a week.

It’s lost its magic – but that’s ok.