Mild surprise

The trade battles continue – both with the old players and some new. I am spending too much time updating orders, so have turned to salting the earth and ruining margins. That should hopefully cut down on the number of updates I need to do.

I ran some L4 mining missions the other day – after reading Goblin referring to them a while ago. It requires a retriever set up for Ice mining, another for Ore, and a Venture for Gas mining. I then have to double that as my Alt needs the same set of ships – I decide on dual boxing so that I can complete each quest without having to dock. They seem to take around 20 minutes from accepting to handing in. They are more relaxing than belt mining, but otherwise not particularly enjoyable or especially rewarding. You can semi AFK some of them. I will see if I can get to the first storyline.

I ran some sites (pre-expansion) with my Exploration Legion. It’s a drone boat. My god the NPC agro on drones requires far too much micro managing. It would have easily added 30% or more to the time it takes to run each site, and forces me to remember to repair them constantly. I will have to go back to lasers or missiles – so will shelve or adjust the Legion. A pity, I really enjoyed flying the current fit.

Regards Odyssey – I think CCP is on the right money with some of the graphic changes, but they just need additional polish. The flashing strobes when you undock need to be more obvious, maybe even lower the light levels in the hanger at the same time. The jump gate effect is nice – but even on my nicely spec’d desktop there is always a point or two in the transition where the animation stutters, which really ruins the whole effect. Then when you drop out of warp, the occasional rubber-banding just destroys all sense of immersion. Not quite a success yet in my eyes.

I think the Exploration changes will see more people on average using that content. It is a simple case of leaving the scanner window open and you can run anomalies any time you have a few spare minutes. The hidden belts in particular seem to get hammered quickly. I haven’t actually dropped probes – there is just too much competition at the moment, but I will get around to it.

I had a couple nice surprises today. I was crashing through some local systems farming anomalies when I picked up a True Sansha Statis Webifier. Pleased with my luck I was returning to my home system to drop it off when my jaw dropped at a name in local I recognised. It was the first person in my RL circle of friends to play EVE, and the bloke who suggested I play. He hadn’t been in game for years. Apparently one of his friends had no one to fly with, so threw a PLEX his way and asked him to come on some frigate roams. I expect there won’t be much interaction while he is in game as his play style is different (blood thirsty verse my Carebear tendencies), but it will be nice to see someone else online on occasion.

2 thoughts on “Mild surprise

  1. I don’t always run mining missions; but when I do, they’re in Aufay solar system…where you can find three level 4 agents in the same station. To avoid those dirty ninja-type folk reading this transmission, this information will self-destruct in five seconds.

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