It’s ugly but effective

Just a quick post.  After earning some 400M ISK from farming Anomalies in my Retribution (be it from 3 lucky drops), I sat down and tried to find an exploration T3 set up (baring the DED 3 and 4 stuff obviously) that didn’t rely on drones.  After toying with a Tengu again I still fell back to my Legion.  On paper it looks a bit crap – running 5 Dread Guristas Rapid Light Missile Launchers and 3 T2 Ballistic Control Modules, doing all of 169dps.  (Less than half the old one.)  In practise however in High Sec it is more than enough as it one shots all the small stuff.  I’ll show the fit when I have some more time, but it still has both Data and Relic modules, and a salvager and tractor beam, so I basically never have to swap ships or refit.  I used the new scanner interface – which makes it much quicker and easier to both get ready to scan, and in adjusting after each scan result.  A step up, and should make it easier for newer players to get into exploration.  I found several Data and Relic sites which I ran.  The mini game is.. meh.  Not difficult with high skills, just, well, sort of annoying.  There is no real skill in it.  The spray of mini cans is also annoying.  It doesn’t really add anything to the game aside a feeling of random chance.  Anyone suggest what you can expect in each type of can?  The drops are pretty crap in High Sec, although I probably amassed 25M from 4 site, which wouldn’t have taken more than 10 minutes to scan and clear each.

8 thoughts on “It’s ugly but effective

    • A good start thank you. I’ve also noticed they flash different colours in space – green, white, and maybe yellow or red or both. I am guessing this relates to when you have finished processing one container and can start clicking on the next.

  1. You’ve been lucky so far Hermit. I’ve had utterly crap drops, with the exception of two decryptors or whatever they’re called these days 🙂

    Very much dislike the can spew. Anyways, with that sort of DPS, you’d possibly be better off plonking yourself into a Gnosis. Haven’t sorted out a fit I’m happy with yet though.

    • Some 250M of that was from two lucky drops of a TS Web and a TS Disruptor. Throw in a handful of other cheaper Faction mods, T2 Salvage and Decryptors, and it was a worthwhile couple of sessions. Funny enough the DPS is actually adequate, particularly as I can’t do the DED 3/4 sites in it. My retribution does the same DPS – but the better range and better volley damage sees the Legion get through things quicker. I thought about the Gnosis – but isn’t it stopped from getting into even more sites than the T3? I can fit everything so I don’t need to swap ships, but the DPS is down (I’m using light missiles) and relies on drones, which are painful to use at the moment. I might revisit it. As it was – it was sort of fun just crashing through systems one after another, clearing each site as I hit it and moving on. Maybe I should try heavy missiles – just though they tended to be annoying on the Elite Frigates.

  2. Hmmm. Thought the entire idea of the Gnosis was that it was an exploration ship. It’s a cruiser hull so….

    I did hear word that it can be a surprisingly effective PvP ship with dual ancillary shield boosters. Possibly something that could be adapted, given the number of mids?

    OK – thats odd. My scan str is the exactly same on the 37% bonus on the Gnosis and the 50% bonus on the proteus subsystem…. uh, whut?

    • The Gnosis is a battle cruiser hull. I will have to check if it is still allowed in DED 3/4 sites though. I played around with fits since your first comment, but once I put Exploration tools on it, I can only get DPS or Tank out of it, but not both. It will also lack speed and the 48+km tractor beam over the Legion, and have half the rep power. I still haven’t given up on the idea though.

      • Well, d’oh. Quite right Hermit.

        The Gnosis fits that I have been playing around with tend to be in the 200+ dps category for high and drones. 400+ total. Not cap/rep stable though.

        The 50% bonus to drone durability helps, but as far as exploration use goes, I tend to deploy combat drones at short range these days so as they can be yanked in quickly if needed.

        I’ve used a sentry Ishtar with some success in exploration sites, and expect a Vexor NI (despite the lack of T2 resists) to work fairly well also.

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