New Window to EVE

Something else I finished off today – updating my client window setup.  (All links are to large full size pictures.)

EVE Client

It now runs in Window mode at 2300 x 1300 with the camera offset to the left.  I updated all of my overviews and cut the number right back (just to make it easier to manage).  I’ve also incorporated the scanner window so that it can now be left open all the time.

The things I do for this blog

Here’s the view while fleeted and against NPCs.  The things I do for this blog – I went and ran a Level 2 mission to get enough targets locked to do the screen shot I wanted.

Belt Mining

And last of all, the view while mining.  Thankfully this was for a Storyline Mission (which needed some Scordite), that completing the L2 Mission above triggered.

The setup allows me to enjoy the visuals of the game while still having most of the information I need visible.

(I know the above isn’t of interest to everyone, but I’ve always liked looking at how others setup their clients, so I can finesse my own.)

Where art thou Loot Gods?

Today I sat down and basically ignored Real Life and played EVE.

Well – what I meant to say is that I got constantly interrupted by my wife and kids but resolutely returned to EVE after every single time. Time, time, and time again. Needless to say, I suspect I also burnt a whole heap of brownie points with my wife, who hasn’t had to play second fiddle to EVE for quite a while now.

I would have got a good hour done of trading, and what must have been 5 odd hours of high sec exploration, spread out over the day.

So my main and his Legion visited and revisited some 30 individual systems spread across 3 regions. I completed dozens and dozens of Anomalies and combat sites, ignored lots of Wormholes, ran 3 low level DED sites and followed 2 escalations, 1 data site, half a dozen relic sites, a 4 of 10 DED site (in a Gila), and picked up 6 True Sansha and 1 Overseer.

All for.. about 35M ISK worth of bounties and drops.



Somewhere TEST or the CFC, or both, are messing up my Empire Carebearing

I don’t contest sites – if someone is already in them, I warp out. I had three people drop into sites I was running today and stay. I flagged and tagged each – and was able to return the favour by dropping in on one of their sites later to contest it back. I’ll ensure I do that for anyone I have previously flagged.

I love the improvements to the mechanics of the Exploration system. Knowing something is there before dropping probes is great. Launching and managing probes is a whole lot easier and quicker – particularly in High Sec when you never need to play around with the two basic pre-set patterns. It just feels more engaging.

The Relic drops in High Sec have been so bad I am considering ignoring them in future. Anyone ever found anything of actual value? The Data sites are better, but so far harder to find. The Mini game and Can spew impress me less the longer I use them. Anyone else notice the System Core is almost always on the edge of the map, about the furthest away from the starting point? It seems to follow that pattern 75% of the time.

The 4 of 10 Site, which up till now I had ignored as the T3 couldn’t use the gate, was this one:

I pulled out a passive tanked Gila for the first time, and used it with T2 Sentry drones. It was a bit of a rush to get it done before downtime, but it worked out to be very effective. Will have to do that for more 3-4 DED sites (when I find them somewhat close to where I am basing out of). Glad the Gila didn’t required Cap..

The Gila nonchanlantly making its way home after its first 4 of 10

The Gila nonchalantly making its way home after its first 4 of 10 DED site

Tomorrow I will have to try and re-earn some of those brownie points lost over today, so back to focusing on Real Life.