New Window to EVE

Something else I finished off today – updating my client window setup.  (All links are to large full size pictures.)

EVE Client

It now runs in Window mode at 2300 x 1300 with the camera offset to the left.  I updated all of my overviews and cut the number right back (just to make it easier to manage).  I’ve also incorporated the scanner window so that it can now be left open all the time.

The things I do for this blog

Here’s the view while fleeted and against NPCs.  The things I do for this blog – I went and ran a Level 2 mission to get enough targets locked to do the screen shot I wanted.

Belt Mining

And last of all, the view while mining.  Thankfully this was for a Storyline Mission (which needed some Scordite), that completing the L2 Mission above triggered.

The setup allows me to enjoy the visuals of the game while still having most of the information I need visible.

(I know the above isn’t of interest to everyone, but I’ve always liked looking at how others setup their clients, so I can finesse my own.)

7 thoughts on “New Window to EVE

    • I noticed during proof reading, but couldn’t be bothered re-editing. I did wonder if someone would mention it – so pick a Navy Faction or T2 Frigate hull and I will contract it to you in Jita. (Mention toon here, or EVE mail to evehermit in game.)

      • Thanks! Impressive resolution. Nice setup as well. It set you back a bit, but great selection. The view from your screen shots makes me want to invest the extra cash myself. 😉

    • It probably reads more complicated than it is. Generally the format is .. First letter being L (Light), M (Medium), H (Heavy) or S (Sentry). Second is an abbreviation for the type, Th (Thermal Damage), Em (Em Damage), Ki (Kinetic Damage), Ex (Explosive), EW, Util etc. The Gila in one of the pictures is carrying H.Th, L.Th, M.Th, S.Em and Spares – which are T2 Ogre, T2 Hobgoblin, T2 Hammerhead, T2 Curator, and 5 spares. It just makes it quick to set up groups and easy to remember what each is.

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