I’ve been thinking about wealth and EVE income recently.

On Tuesday I undocked my Main for its first time this month.  RL has been slamming EVE again.

I ran a relic site, some combat sites and a full escalation.  At the end of my hour or so I added up all the bounties and loot and found I had earnt a paltry sum of around 4M ISK.

That was mildly annoying, but I wasn’t overly bothered.  I try not to focus too hard on the ISK per hour calculations anymore.  Instead I place emphasis on my game time only needing to be an enjoyable distraction.

That’s quite a difference to the first few years of my EVE life.  How did I achieve getting to a point where I don’t need to focus on ISK, particularly as I have never been a skilled earner?

In the very early days everything I earnt was soon spent.  There was a constant cycle of upgrading and improving and experimenting.  I still remember some of those milestones –the more expensive skill books, my first Destroyer, my first cruiser, my first Mining Barge.  I would be constantly saving towards something.

Once I had a bit of wealth behind me I spent a couple years out in 0.0.  ISK was even more important – but for different reasons.  I needed doctrine ships, replacement ships, and contingencies for times of war.  I had to be able to afford to quickly replace stuff.

Next there were Capital class ships.  That was a large ISK investment.  While the skill books across two accounts were a hefty ISK sink, owning carriers actually ended up being profitable.  I could import trade goods and supplies into 0.0, export loot, and when situations deteriorated – evacuate all of my assets out safely.

Over all this time, and since being back in Empire, I have lost very little ISK.  It was from a mix of luck, smarts and skill, but also from a big dose of risk adverse caution.  It doesn’t matter if I earn 4M in an hour (such as last night), or 200M (which while rare, has happened) – it all gets added to my accumulating EVE wealth.

Wealth is a relative term in EVE.  I am aware of the fortune and earning capacity of some of the celebrity players.  I don’t have that.  What I do have is enough ISK to achieve any of my current and foreseen goals.

Is this situation a problem?  I am not that far off being seven years old in game.  Should it just be a given that by now I should be operating without too much concern for ISK?  It opens up some interesting questions about game balancing.

2 thoughts on “Wealth

  1. I log in once a month to run some jobs that will net me a plex about a month later.

    Past that, any income I make is gravy.

  2. I’m always space poor. It’s not for lack of trying to create positive, semi-passive ISK flow. I have four R&D agents working around the clock…then that was nerfed. I have three characters who can each run PI from six planets…there was a PI nerf a while back which saw PI become less profitable.
    I may be one of those people who works with his back instead of his head.

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