Time = Titan

In my last post I remarked on being in a position where I don’t need to be concerned about the rate at which I earn ISK. This is because I don’t tend to burn / lose ISK, so whatever I earn just keeps adding up over time.

Part of my thought process came from an epiphany recently when I realised I had the ISK on hand to buy and decently fit a Super Carrier if I wanted. I don’t want to – but I could.

If I continued my Solo Carebear approach, I will likely end up with enough ISK to buy a Titan. Again – I don’t want to, but it would be achievable.

I’m not patting myself on the back here. This situation doesn’t come about because of the smarts, efforts and multiple accounts of the like of MoxNix or Greedy Goblin. It is simply that time rewards the half decent Empire Carebear.

It’s an awkward realisation.

Before we go down the – there is too much ISK in Empire / Empire is not dangerous enough path, what this has flagged for me is that there probably needs to be an Empire equivalent of Super Carriers / Titans.

No, no, calm down, relax, wipe the spray off your screen and just hear me out.

I am not talking about force projection or power. I am not talking about something safe from being ganked.  I am talking about aspirational hulls for Carebears – with substantial cost, but only minor improvements over what is currently available.

How about a Super Orca? Mildly better than a standard Orca – 5% tougher, 5% more capacity, with some sort of special trick. Being able to fit a rig or module that changes the capacity of the Ore or Ship Maintenance Bay? Then price it at 5 to 10 times the standard Orca.

I can see it being a contentious idea, but is there any merit in it?  An ISK sink for Empire Carebears.

6 thoughts on “Time = Titan

  1. In case I’ve never remarked before – the monthly fluid ISK calculations I post only cover the wealth in my Trading Corp. When I started the experiment, my main gifted a Freighter, Orca, and some starting ISK to the Corp. That has all been repaid since.

  2. It wouldn’t be an ISK sink if it couldn’t be lost, just a one-time cost that would be recoverable because of the nature of the gained value.

    I think the officer/faction modules are the equivalent of an ISK sink for empire carebears. They’ll fit a ship with billions in modules, if they think they are safe enough and have nothing else to do with the ISK.

  3. Why not a system of trains & rail station ?

    Allowed everywhere in empire space (high sec / low sec) and in some NPC controlled space (syndicate for example).

    A single player can pay for a train like ship, which can take between 5 – 10 freigthers size loads, with a modular choice of trailers (ship carrier, pi hauler, bulk carrier for ore, minerals trailers …). This ship can’t dock, and must be reconfigured in specialized slips.

    A corporation can buy a rail station (sort of mega pos), and set up some freight railway (using above ships).

    Imagine red frog, with its stations in Jita, Amarr, Dodi.

    A freighter pilot will take the package to the station from Jita 4-4, which will be loaded in a big freight vessels, with 9 others freighters size, and go to Amarr or Dodixie. With at least 100 freighters / hours in jita, this kind of model can easily be viable (and be easier for logistic officers).

  4. How about some sort of Orca class ship capable of mining? a super Hulk. Able to strip a belt from one location. but with worse agility and speed than an Orca

    • I can’t see that happening. It would have to have a different role to play than just a new tier of ship for every miner to aspire too. I also know a vocal part of the player base would complain that an Orca based ship would be too difficult to Gank. Without much thought of balance, an example might be… An Super Orca hull that “deploys in a belt”. Have it take 5 minutes to set up, and 5 minutes to pack up. While deployed it can’t move, and stays in place if you log off. While deployed all its special bays etc open up, which sees its hits drop by 50/75%. (So it can be ganked by enough ships.) Allow a certain number of mining ships to latch onto it – and while connected, their mining laser range is 2 to 4 times longer than normal, and any ore mined can be manually moved straight into the Orca. So it basically allows a full small sized belt to be mined from the one location, or a good proportion of a large belt if positioned properly – but is venerable to a large enough suicide ganking gang, and needs some planning and time to get it into the right place and have it deployed. Also make it very slow!

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