Inflation and Deflation

It might not be apparent, but I am actually very active writing blog posts at the moment. I am just not managing to finish them.

I might need to throw up smaller sound bites for a while.

I was sorting through my hangers on the weekend, upgrading a number of my ships. During the process I was setting aside equipment and hulls that I no longer required, putting them all into a container to be sold.  The end value of this container was suggested as being 4B ISK.

Figuring that couldn’t be right I delved deeper into where my unexpected wealth was coming from – and found it to be mostly from inflation. One example was the half dozen Gistii B-Type modules that were surplus to my needs. I remember buying the Small Shield Boosters for 12M ISK – now they are going for 125M. Even the 1NM AB and MWD modules were two to three times more than I last paid for them. Remind me not to die in my PVE Assault Frigate.

Sometimes the game seems to just keep throwing ISK at you.

Conversely I was also hit with deflation. I collected a couple of True Sansha Webifiers through my High Sec Exploration (unusually lucky). They were worth 160M each at the time, but I didn’t get around to selling them straight away. Their price has plummeted since, and I sold them for 120M each. Still a nice amount of ISK, but 80M lost to being too busy to travel to Jita for a few weeks.