The current most profitable Ore is available in Empire

After a very busy week, and some extra work on a client’s production instance to start my Saturday morning, I spent the afternoon playing EVE.

I did my first PI run in many months. I am only doing limited extractions, targeted to try and clear some of my stockpile of P1 materials through 3 factory planets.

I finished updating my Secondary Trading Alt’s ship hanger, swapping her Mammoth for an Iteron V, and updating her fits on her hauling Probe and Exequror. I will have to revisit the Industrial of choice after Odyssey 1.1.

I grabbed stocks of the T2 Mining Crystals; given my main can now use almost all of them. Someone had cleared out the market and was reselling some of them at a premium. I couldn’t be bothered going to another Trade hub so paid through the nose.

I went and cleared a Small Hedbergite Belt in Empire, which took around an hour and refined down to 21M worth of minerals.

Finally – I sat down and updated my Mining Spreadsheet, for the first time in possibly years, to take into account the changes to yield on some of the 0.0 Ores.  I grabbed the details from here.

The spreadsheet is configured so that I put in the Mineral Buy Prices (in this case, from Amarr this weekend), and it ranks the most profitable to least profitable ores after refining.

Here was the current Top 10:

Hedbergite – Glazed
Hemorphite – Radiant
Arkonor – Prime
Hedbergite – Vitric
Hemorphite – Vivid
Arkonor – Crimson
Crokite – Crystalline

So 6 of the top 8 can be found easy enough in Empire via a quick glance of your scanner.  I have to admit I was surprised by that (to the point I re-checked my calculations a number of times).

Here’s the full order, with what percentage of profits you earn in comparison to the best choice.  As you can see above, the full list with the 5/10% variations tend to be more intermingled.

1 Hedbergite – 100%
2 Hemorphite – 90%
3 Arkonor – 87%
4 Jaspet – 81%
5 Crokite – 81%
6 Bistot – 79%
7 Dark Ochre – 76%
8 Scordite – 64%
9 Spodumain – 62%
10 Pyroxeres – 61%
11 Kernite – 56%
12 Veldspar – 50%
13 Plagioclase – 49%
14 Omber – 48%
15 Geneis – 44%

If you mine Kernite and sell the refined minerals in Amarr, you will earn around 56% as much as if you were mining Hedbergite.

Obviously things are not all equal here.  In Empire those special belts often only have a handful of smallish asteroids in each, spread out so you have to slow boat your barge to get into range.  The percentage of the 5 to 10% versions is also low.  In Low or Null Sec you shouldn’t have to retarget or move as often – assuming you are not jumped by Rats or other Players.

I would guess the relatively low value of Zydrine, and high value of Noxcium has thrown the order I would have expected out.

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