The Clearing Continues

I sold off about 60% of my manufacturing ingredients, dropping stocks from 1,400M ISK to 550M ISK.  These cleared quickly.

The sell off of my speculative stock continues in Jita – a somewhat laborious effort with lots of market updates required.  If I sold to buy orders I would make around a 25% profit on them – so I can always resort to that when I have had enough.  Generally I am making 200% to 800% margins, but you can end up with a dozen sellers competing for one or two sales a day.  I’ve already covered all my costs and have passed 200M profits, so I guess overall it was worthwhile.

I’ve passed 10B ISK in my Trading Corp accounts.  I know the professional traders would see any idle money as lost opportunities – but my operations are really small scale, and there isn’t a need to have it all in play.  I currently have 2.6B ISK of buy orders up.



The Venture is really a fun little ship, even for a High SP Player

3 thoughts on “The Clearing Continues

  1. I don’t consider ISK in the wallet idle, it’s there to cover additional escrow for buy orders.

    I like to leave about the same amount in each character’s wallet as he has in escrow… Much less and I might lose out on some buys on busy days… Much more and I’m not leveraging my buying power as well as I could be.

  2. Have plenty of ISK sitting Idle on my 2 accounts. I’m not bothered by the ISK just sitting either, not trying to keep up with the Space Jones either.

    And then again im not really actively playing the game to care all that much mostly just logging in for maintenance mode stuff and just refresh Trade orders so they don’t expire.

    • Glad to see you are still able to check in on EVE occasionally. There doesn’t seem to be much point in trying to keep up with the Space Jones… they seem to be so, so far ahead it isn’t worth aspiring to them!

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