Pod Hauling

I would like a way of hauling Pods – either in a Ship Maintenance bay, or some sort of Pod Container that can be stacked up in an Industrial.

My initial want was to be able to take a couple Pod choices with me when I go roaming in an Orca. For example, fly in one and have two stored – one for mining, 1 for PVE, and a cheap one if I decide to visit Low Sec or Wormholes.

If you want to swap pods – dock up in a Station with Medical Services. Install one of your pods into the station for a fee, then Clone Jump to it. You can either leave your old Pod in the new station, or have it uninstalled for a fee and stored away back in your ship.

There seem to be a few interesting game play options.

You can store all your pods in the one station if you wish.

You can carry multiple pods at the same time – useful if you are moving home.

You can lose multiple pods if you have your ship destroyed.

You can pay someone to move one of your pods into a Station you no longer have access to – assuming you can find someone trustworthy.

Corporations can have a fleet of pods moved quietly into stations for surprise attacks or bigger scale Ganks.

The simple approach would be that these pods don’t drop if a ship is destroyed. If it was stored in a Ship Maintenance Bay, nothing drops like the current mechanism. If it was stored in a Pod Container, maybe give a chance of a Corpse dropping.

If CCP ever allow salvaging of Corpses down the track, this adds an interesting element to the idea.

It might also be part of the mechanism used to give Wormholer’s Cloning choices.

I suspect however I am missing something obvious, and this would probably be a very bad idea.

2 thoughts on “Pod Hauling

    • Sorry – I had noted the Rorqual in my draft version, but it didn’t make it to the final cut.

      Fair point – but the Rorqual doesn’t provide anywhere near the flexibility l was thinking of. You can’t stack up multiple pods/clones of your own in a Rorqual. It can’t move through Hi-Sec, or gates at all for that matter. It also is not easily ganked (well, not by solo / small gang means).

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