Still logging in

Real Life has been rather busy, but I am still managing to log into EVE daily. I am just not doing anything out of the ordinary.  As such today’s blog is made up of just some random thoughts.

I have noticed that I currently only use the EVE Client Launcher once per day. This is just after down time to check for any updates or news items. Otherwise I am running the client executable directly. It gives me the “log off” option and is faster. While this survey of one lacks statistical merit, I feel the second iteration of the launcher still hasn’t really hit the mark.

(In the unlikely event someone reading this doesn’t know where the executable is, it is called ExeFile.exe, and is in the bin directory of the EVE client install. On my Windows 7 system, it is C:\Program Files (x86)\CCP\EVE\bin\ExeFile.exe)

I’ve been persistently plugging away with my trading, doing one or two updates per day. I seem to be back to only a handful of active competition in the areas I operate, and generally get to spend an acceptable amount of time with my orders at the top. It turns out one of the most important traits for backwater trading is stubbornness. I research and watch list my main trading competitors, and have found most stop logging in / being active in the area after a few months. I am enjoying the current small lull while it lasts.

This month I’ve also been persistently doing my PI runs every second day. Each cycle I process 48,000 Processed Material units (Chiral Structures, Precious Metals, Reactive Metals and Toxic Metals) into Robotics. I started by working on getting my ingredient stockpile down to the point where after I load up my factories I have extracted just enough to cover the next full run. That is the sort of efficiency my wife – who works as an Analyst in Warehouse Management and Logistics, could appreciate. I have got to that point with 3 of the 4 materials, and should have the fourth right in the next couple of days.

I can’t explain why, but the process has made PI a little more interesting again. I am not just mindlessly processing every planet, but instead keeping a running track of what I am picking up, and missing certain planets from the cycle where I have enough materials. Next month I will work to clear up some of my other stockpiles.

2 thoughts on “Still logging in

  1. I run ExeFile.exe directly too. I started doing it when the new buggy launcher was released and that was the only way I could log on at all for a few days. Since then I’ve kept using the exe because it’s faster and more efficient.

    BTW, the exe will notify you when there’s a patch, ask you if you want to apply it and start launcher if you say yes.

    • I had wondered if that was the case – good to know. (I figured it was useful to check the launcher for updated messages and ads once a day in case there was something interesting.)

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