Clone and Implant Neglect

With the Odyssey 1.1 update next week comes the introduction of the Advanced Infomorph Psychology skill. This allows up to 5 more Jump Clones per character.

I had considered stocking the local market with implants, expecting there to be an increased demand. Given the existing competition and available margins however I ended up deciding against it, but I took the opportunity to review the implants I was currently using.

I have 5 characters that get training time and use implants, split across 3 accounts. These 5 characters have a total of 19 available clones. Each Clone has 10 implant slots, each with very roughly 30 odd possible choices. Some of these options impact the effectiveness of other options. The total number of permutations is mindboggling.

More than once I have sat down to try and optimise a clone – only to give up in confusion, or settle for a suboptimal choice due to cost or availability.

This time around I decided to document them all in a spread sheet, and what I found was rather second-rate.


My Main


My Main Alt

What I need to do is have a use or purpose for each clone, and work on selecting and acquiring a set up cohesive implants for each.  An extra four Clones will help do that – in particular one or two throw away ones for PVP.  I also need to buff my Carrier clones – there can be some real improvements made there.  Another task for the To Do list.

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