August Done

I post these for myself, as a way of measuring and tracking what I am doing in game.


Game Hours & Play

Hard to judge how much game time I had this month – real life was very busy with work regularly trespassing well into my evenings. I did spend a bit of time logged in earlier this month selling off stuff.I did very little with my main – maybe 4 or 5 hours of trying to sort gear and review ship fittings. My main alt spent less than 10 minutes logged in. I did do regular PI runs and trading updates – but that was more 10 minutes here, 20 minutes there.


Fluid ISK in the Trading Corp at the end of month

I only keep an amateurish measurement of my Trade and Industry profits – based around fluid ISK.

Cash, Stock & Supplies

11.1B Wallet
0.5B Escrow
0.3B Stock on Market
0.5B Manufacturing Supplies
0.1B PI
0.4B POS Fuel
0.0B Long Term Speculative Stock (Not valued)

Fluid ISK this Month

Fluid ISK last Month

Position Change


Industry / Trade Details

I definitely saw an impact from dropping so many profitable – but higher effort trade items last month.

It was made up for however by the once off clearing of speculative stocks I had of special edition collectibles, which turned an ok profit. Add 12 or 13 PI runs, and consistent daily updates of my orders, and it turned out to be a reasonable month.

I finished my month by returning to some of the high profit but slow volume items that can be annoying to on-sell. I had effectively dropped out of these markets (salting the earth as I went) due to competition, but they seem to have moved on.

Speaking of Competition, it went from moderate to light this month. Trading volumes continued to fluctuate, and ended up being a little lower than average overall.

Next month’s profits should be a fair bit lower.



Account 1 (Main) – 129M SP. Got every industry skill up to at least rank IV, covering off all the Ore and Ice Processing, and Industry Reconfiguration. I am currently working on PI skills.

Account 2 (Main Alt) – 122M SP. Trained Siege Warfare Specialist V, and currently working through Armored Warfare Specialist V.

Account 3 (Industry Alt 1) – 42M SP. No Training
Account 3 (Industry Alt 2) – 8M SP. Got Hull Upgrades V, and been working on all her Drones skills.



I have a list of things I want to do with Odyssey 1.1 that I flagged earlier this month. I also want to continue with my PI. I didn’t do any Hi-Sec exploration, so am hoping things are not so busy in September. I do have a project or two I am thinking about when I can get a few more jump clones – but nothing worth mentioning. I really haven’t been that effective at following through on plans. I’ve had no choice but to focus on Real Life this year.

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