Must restart that Travel Blog

The Odyssey 1.1 patch was annoying.  The Launcher and its P2P approach to downloading is noticeably slower.  When it finally completed the download, the patching process froze on 0% (which seemed to be a common problem).  I had to restart the launcher, which then downloaded the full patch a second time before working.  It was late, but I remember frowning and muttering a FFS towards CCP.

One of the things I was referring to the other day, when I mentioned not being effective at following through on plans, was the goal to lose my Loki in Wormhole space.

I’ve had the hull for well over a year – or is it coming up to two now? It has been on half a dozen voyages through unknown space, some of which I have commented on here, but the process has never really captured my imagination.

I sat down the other day to see why it felt like a chore. I still like the idea of roaming wormhole space, popping in and out of known space, and exploring until I happen upon my own death. It just wasn’t working out as envisioned.

The first annoyance was the effort of moving my Main and Main Alt around together. It was useful having a support Falcon along, both for extra supplies, the force multiplier effect and for watching holes, but it required a lot more concentration, bookmarking and clicking. Solution – my Main Alt can stay at home.

The second annoyance was the effort to scout and map out each system. I was going into this with the view of hunting for targets, but it just seemed to take far too long to sniff out and bookmark each tower and take in each system fully. Solution – I am going to concentrate on finding travel paths, not targets.

With this change in approach, I adjusted my fit. I swapped in an Interdiction Nullifier, which dropped my DPS by about 10%, but made the ship a lot more slippery. I also swapped out one of the Shield Extenders for a Large Ancillary Shield Booster. On paper I would have more EHP with the second Extender than what 9 cycles of the Booster would restore. I have to admit it is just for the mental comfort of being able to overheat and self rep while running for a hole or gate. That’s my excuse, and I am sticking to it.

I then practiced my scanning and note taking again (hence my last post), and read lots of posts on

Feeling ready, I then clone jumped to my Loki and embarked on an interrupted afternoon, visiting 9 empire systems across 4 regions connected through 7 wormholes.

Lessons learnt or reminded about so far – I really need a polished way of notating and bookmarking as I travel; my time zone (AU) seems very quiet in Wormhole space; the new scanning Interface makes the process less of an effort; and not dragging an Alt along behind me speeds things up dramatically.


Not sure why, but the trip had a distinct lack of trepidation as I moved about

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