Day 1 – Refresher and shake down

I am taking rough notes as I travel with my Loki. I will flag what systems I visit here, except for the first Empire systems which were in the same region as my home. The system will be noted, along with the number of Signatures on scan.

Empire 1 – 0
Empire 2 – 1 (Relic)
Empire 3 – 0
Empire 4 – 6 (Combat, Combat, Relic, Data, Relic, Data)
Empire 5 – 1 (Relic)
Empire 6 – 3 (WH to Unknown)

I crossed into a second region during the trip above.

I find it odd how many systems you can scan through in Empire without finding a wormhole. On the weekend I visited 8 before finding one, then 9 of the next 10 systems had at least one. On this trip it took 6 systems.

After a quick check of the locals and what corps / alliances they were in, I jumped through the Wormhole, ignoring the remaining two signatures. I just wanted to get started on this journey already.

J135910 – 8 + Entry

This was a C2 with no recent activity, 11 moons, 11 control towers, and a load of anchored bubbles on scan. There were however no ships. With relative efficiency I scanned down Gas, Relic, Wormhole, Data, Relic, Relic, Relic and Data. With still no signs of life here, I jumped through the new Wormhole.


Hello J135910

J130330 – 13 + Entry

A C4 this time, also with no recent activity reported and no ships on scan. There were 35 moons and 1 tower nearby. I started the process of scanning the system, getting Gas, Gas, Gas, Gas and a Wormhole to a C5. I was then interrupted for an hour to do the school run.

After my son was collected, fed and occupied with his laptop, I logged back in. I looked at my notes and the 14 Signatures, and realised I hadn’t kept proper account of what six digit codes I had already scanned down. On principle I refused to rescan them, and not feeling ready to traverse a C5 just yet, I returned to the C2, Empire 6, Empire 4, and on to a fresh system to scan.

Empire 7 – 8 (Combat, WH to unknown)

Again I stopped scanning at the first Wormhole hit, and after the obligatory check of locals, I jumped back into Unknown Space.

J114308 – 3 + Entry

Another C2, no recent activity, 47 moons, and 3 towers and 2 force fields on scan. Again – no ship hulls. I scanned down Gas, Gas, and a Wormhole to a C1.


J114308 was attractive looking

J105013 – 5 + Entry

The C1 had a slightly odd layout. There was just 1 planet with 19 moons off it. Like all the other systems so far, there was no movement. The sites scanned down to Wormhole (Hi-Sec), Wormhole (C2), Gas, Wormhole (Unknown) and Data. I poked my nose through the Hi-Sec hole.

Ghesis (Kador) – 1 + Entry

Ghesis is actually an old stomping ground, but given there were plenty more options to investigate in the C1 I decided not to hang around. Actually – hold on – I almost forgot. I do have to stay put. If you jump through a wormhole, you can only use it one more time within the next 5 minutes. Further jump attempts fail. It’s called Polarization. If I immediately jumped back into the C1 and found a gang waiting for me, I’d be stuck in there with them. As such I pottered about Ghesis for 4 minutes, checking what the second signature was. (I didn’t note it down. As I said, my note keeping really needs some work.)

While in Ghesis a Heron popped up on scan with T1 probes out. When my timer was up I jumped back into the C1, but stayed just off the hole cloaked in case the Heron decided to jump in. It seemed unlikely, but what the hell.

At that point however my wife asked for my attention, and I had to step away. The heron could have sat on the hole for 10 minutes and I wouldn’t have seen it. Next is the C2.


Again my notes fail me. I know it was a C2, and what I saw on scan were a ton of ships, a couple Orca, a Rorqual, an Onyx, Tengu’s, Oracle, Sabre, and on and on, most with Russian names. I can hear my wife pottering around in the kitchen and I knew my game time was very limited. I back out of this system. Next from the C1 was an unknown.


Either no ships, or too many on scan.  Never just right.

J105123 – 4 + Entry

Another C2 with no apparent activity. I had just enough time to bookmark a safe when I had to log off. Tea and my Son’s swimming followed.

A couple hours later I logged back in. I looked about the place and found an Iteron V at a POS, piloted. As I watched he swapped to a Nemesis, and warped off cloaking. The first confirmed life – and I had no idea if he was active or not. I should have added the pilot to my contact list so that I could at least pick up if he had logged out or not.

After waiting a while I end up dropping probes and scanning. Relic, Wormhole to Hi-Sec, Wormhole to Hi-Sec, Data. The kids night time routine is in full swing in RL, so I check the closest Hi-Sec out.

Ainaille (Sing Laison) – 1 + Entry

I launch probes, and a 3rd Signature opens up immediately under them – a Relic site. I also find another Wormhole to Unknown space, but the only thing I can do is dock up and log off.

ehimg274Always found the Sing Laison background rather stunning

9 Empire systems across 4 regions, and six wormholes. Actually – it was 7 wormholes – I documented what I found (nothing), but I failed to note its name down. Again, my note taking.

I was reminded about just how often I am interrupted by RL. This is certainly only something I could do solo. The process was less of a hassle with just the one Toon – but it means when someone actually pins me down I’m likely a goner, as, by their nature, Wormholers are generally not working alone.

Normally I can get a bit nervy when I put myself into danger in EVE, but I was surprisingly relaxed so far about this journey. I still felt much like the hunted instead of the hunter though.

Any bets on how many systems I travel through before dying?

2 thoughts on “Day 1 – Refresher and shake down

  1. “Ainaille (Sing Laison) ”
    “Always found the Sing Laison background rather stunning”

    I’m afraid it’s Sinq Laison, no singing involved unless I missed someking of private joke xD

    As much as Wormhole roaming stories bore me, I think the way you tell them and the spaced layout makes it way more enjoyable.

    Will keep reading, gotta know when that Loki goes down ;p

    • I was going to claim auto correct in MS Word – but nope, my text notes show I had written Sing. I’d like to say it will never happen again, but I’d just be lying.

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