Day 2 – Singing in Sinq, and a need for overview tuning

I had planned on returning to my Loki at 12 noon, but it was 4pm by the time I actually managed to log in. My quiet and uninterrupted run was not to be.

I started Firefox and open up Dotlan, a list of wormhole types and a wormhole database. I also open up my notepad. Prepared, I undock the Loki.

Ainaille – 1 (WH to Hi-Sec)

Ainaille is relatively quiet, and there is just the one Signature in system. It quickly scans down to a Wormhole leading to Hi-Sec. I step through, wondering where I’ll end up this time.


Konola (The Citadel) – Entry WH

There is only the entrance Wormhole in system. I check and Jita is only 6 jumps away. Funny how often I’ve ended up near Jita recently.  I check the map and pick a direction where I will be able to scan lots of systems in a row without the need to backtrack.


Isaziwa – 1 (Data)


Oiniken – 2 (Combat, WH to C2)

A C2 sounds like a good start, so I blindly step through.


J140308 – 11 + Entry WH

Dotlan suggests a ship kill here a couple of hours ago, and NPC kills within the last hour. A handful of sleeper wrecks on scan confirm that. This might be more interesting.

I can also see 2 active Towers, a Brutix, Buzzard, Chimera, Orca and Probe on scan.

I use the tracking camera and directional scanner to work out what moons the POS are on. The first tower is on Planet 8, Moon 3. A Chimera sits within the Forcefield unpiloted.

I warp over to Moon 4 to check out the second tower, but there isn’t one there. Seems my directional scanning needs some work. I try again, and Moon 1 comes up as the candidate this time.

As I drop out of warp I see a Buzzard outside of the shields, a Probe, an Orca, an Epithal, a Brutix, a – hold on, that’s a PI hauler. And it’s piloted. I am pretty sure I am meant to be excited about that. The Buzzard is also piloted, but safely tucked up amongst the POS weaponry. It is also probably controlling the combat probes I can now see moving about on scan.

I would normally have thought they were aware someone was in system with them, but in recent blog reading people seem to use combat probes for signature scanning in wormholes, so they pick up on ships as well. I am yet to try it out myself – mostly as I don’t think to load them. I know in EFT my Sensor Strength is 119 with Core probes, and only 59 with Combat. (I dropped the Sisters Launcher, hence lower figure.) It will be interesting to see how much slower that makes scanning.

As I contemplate the scene the Epithal actually starts moving. I scramble to select the right overview and with tracking on I watch where he warps off into space. Only my overview settings are not right, and the customs offices are not shown in my view. I hazard a quick guess and warp to one of 3 Custom Offices he was in rough line with. I arrive 10km off to find myself alone. I check a second Custom Office quickly, but he drops off close scan before I come out of warp. I return to the tower to find him there.

He swaps to the Probe, and the Buzzard finally warps off and cloaks. His combat probes are still out, and moving in and out of scan range. I presume he is scanning down the 12 sites.

I am fiddling with overview settings when the pilot hops back into his Epithal and warps off. This time I have the custom office showing up in space, but there are two of them together in the direction he warped towards. I follow quickly behind with a 50/50 chance of getting the right one. I don’t.

We arrive back at the POS at about the same time.

I wonder what the pilot would think if he realised he had an inept, bumbling Empire Carebear lamely and ineffectually trying to hunt him. Doesn’t matter, I remained cloaked, so no one will ever know about it…

At this point I hear a loud crash from upstairs and then my daughter start crying. I want to ignore it – I’m sure it was self-inflicted and the cry is of the “I need a hug” kind, and not “I’m in pain.” The crying perseveres so I walk away from EVE.

It turns out she was rocking the chair back – like I’ve told her not too previously, and it tipped over on her. I did the “I told you so” speech, but I can see she had already gone back to focusing on her tablet after getting her hug, and had stopped acknowledging my existence.

I get side tracked and return to EVE after a short break.  I decide to spend some time making changes to my overview to make it more useful in wormhole space.

The combat probes are out for a mighty long time, but when they disappear I return to the tower to see what the locals are up to. They are now both in Epithal. I have everything set up right – and I follow as they warp off into – nothingness. A quick glance at the map and I suspect they just went to Empire WH I came through – with PI goods to sell in Jita.

I wait on the hole for a little bit in case they return – but then my Daughter arrives insisting I install some game for her tablet, and while I am trying to fend her off, my wife arrives to say dinner is on the table.  I hop back through to Empire space and park.


Ahynada – 2 (Combat, WH to C5)

After eating I return, but my ego won’t take re-visiting the C2. I step across one Empire system and scan down a WH to a C5. Rightly or wrongly I get the impression people who live in C5’s tend to fly in gangs and will likely be able to outsmart my inexperienced Loki – so I ignore that for the moment.  I need to be able to up skill a bit against the C1-3’ers first.  Funny enough while sitting in system my two Epithal’s from the C2 pass through, coming back from Jita. I give them a silent wave.

Real Life then calls me away yet again.  Yep – this is why I play the game solo.


Kausaaja – 2 (WH to C2, WH to C1)

I look at the C1


J112250 – 5 + inbound (WH to Unknown, Gas, Gas, WH to Hi-Sec, Relic)

I practice my POS finding again, using the sun as a base to find the first 2 active towers, and then hunt down an offline one on an outer planet. I was more effective this time around. There is no sign of life and no recent API activity, so I drop probes and scan.


It is easier to be more accurate with the direction scanner now

My time and brownie points with the wife however have run out again, so I just step through the Hi-Sec hole and look to dock up. I need to jump clone back to my main base for a day, in part to redeem some items from CCP.


Ekuenbiron (Verge Vendor) – 2 + Entry WH

No scanning, I just park and jump clone.


I’m not sure I am covering much distance so far – but I am focusing on the educational value of these early days.



Latest Trip Count – 2 sessions, 15 Empire Systems, 8 Wormholes

6 thoughts on “Day 2 – Singing in Sinq, and a need for overview tuning

  1. I hear you on the family side. This is why I only do indy/market kind of stuff when I’m at risk of interruption, which is also why sometimes it is such a long lapse until I get back into my main. 😦

      • Well, let us know if you feel the desire to make a more permanent adventure out of it… We have C2, C4s and a C5 – relaxed and easy-going crew….

      • I wouldn’t enjoy EVE at the moment if I was flying with people who had to rely on me. I just have constant RL interruptions meaning I am forever walking away from the game with no notice. It would do my head to inflict that on Corp/Gang mates. I suspect if I was in need of a Corp however I’d start by looking at those which have been suggested through this blog.

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