Store or Part with

So I’ve redeemed my Collector’s Edition pre-purchase rewards, a tattoo, the CA-3 and CA-4 implants, and the Nefantar Thrasher. All up they are going for around 1.8B in Jita at the moment.

The marketing on the collection clearly states these are timed exclusive items that will be made publically available via the market or promotions at a later date. Do I cash these in now, presuming I can buy them back at a later date for a much cheaper price, or do I just add them to my collectibles container?

I suspect the tattoos will be an expensive item in the Noble exchange, so might not lose too much value. The implants on the other hand will likely end up going for around 20-30M mark the CA-1 and CA-2 implants are currently going for.

The industrialist within me says sell, the Gollum within me says these precious’s are all mine.

7 thoughts on “Store or Part with

    • Did you try entering the country “Australia”, and the State / Providence “New Zealand”? :p

      I wanted the Book and Rifter in my study. Some of the other items were a disincentive to the purchase.

      • Actually – looking up Wikipedia, it turns out you were part of New South Wales! I didn’t know that. The top 3/4 of NZ became an extension of the NSW Colony 1787. This was reduced to the top 1/4 in 1825. In 1839 NSW then took control of all of NZ – before it became a Colony in its own right in 1841. You learn something new every day…

  1. Hey, there’s still a clause in the Australian Constitution that allows NZ to join up.

    Of course, we would then win all rugby games ever.

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