More Hauling EFT

Adding the Epithal to my fleet was an easy decision – it is a ship I will be using every other day. Now I had to review all the other Industrial Hull changes.

My standard hauler on 4 of my 5 space faring Toons was the Iteron V. I fit for max capacity, but for travel I swapped out 3 Expanded Cargoholds for Nanofiber Internal structures. It was a workable and somewhat flexible ship. The last Toon flew a Mammoth.

I started with checking what skill levels my various toons have.

Amarr Industrial V
Caldari Industrial V
Gallente Industrial V
Minmatar Industrial V

Main Alt
Gallente Industrial V
Minmatar Industrial IV

Main Industry Alt
Amarr Industrial IV
Caldari Industrial IV
Gallente Industrial V
Minmatar Industrial IV

Secondary Industry Alt
Gallente Industrial V
Minmatar Industrial IV

Cyno Alt
Minmartar Industrial IV

It was easiest to look at the remaining specialist haulers first.

The Hoarder has an Ammo Bay. I don’t haul ammo, so there is no need for it.

The Miasmos has an Ore Bay. If I am hauling Ore it is usually in an Orca, but I throw together a quick fit. It can certainly be set up to move quickly with 8s align times and a tank of around 11.3K EHP. Still an easy enough target for belt gankers, and not something I need at the moment.

The Kryos has a mineral Bay. Again, I would normally haul large volumes of minerals in an Orca or maybe Freighter. The quick fit ends up looking the same as the Miasmos, just with an extra 100 EHP. Another ship I don’t really need.

The remaining 8 racial haulers are set up in pairings of a cargo oriented and a tank/speed oriented hull.

I review each at maximum cargo capacity and a basic buffer tank.

Iteron V, 37,152m3, Align 11s, 5.2K EHP
Nereus, 17,295m3, Align 7s, 13.9K EHP

Mammoth, 35,230m3, Align 10s, 5.4K EHP
Wreathe, 18,576m3, Align 6s, 14.1K EHP

Tayra, 36,675m3, Align 12s, 9.0K EHP
Badger, 19,593m3, Align 7s, 17.1K EHP

Bestower, 39,202m3, Align 12s, 4.7K EHP
Sigil, 17,151m3, Align 7s, 16.1 EHP

Very simply the capacity of the Cargo variants is excellent, but they have very little tank. The tanked / speed oriented hulls were actually surprisingly good.

I can certainly discard my Iteron V travel fit – the Nereus is better in every sense. I can even fit two Nanofiber’s to it for an align time of 5 seconds, with a slight loss in EHP. In fact – I delete most of my Iteron fit variations for low / null sec, tanking and the like. It becomes a one trick pony – capacity only.

I think the sweet spot, given my character skills, is the Wreathe. I set up one for each of my Toons. I then set up either an Iteron V or a Mammoth for each, depending on their skills, for maximum cargo hauling.

Last of all I needed to review my Cyno Bus fitting. I mentioned those back in December (you can view the initial version here). While I haven’t used my Carriers for 10 months now, I still need the ability to move them when I want or need.

The Cyno Bus is an Industrial set up to carry 3 Frigate hulls and all the fittings and supplies required to open Cynos. Due to the skills of my Cyno alts I was left to decide between the currently used Mammoth, or switch to the Wreathe. I decided on a switch to the Wreathe for better tank and align times, but it required the costly purchase of 12 Expanded Cargohold Rigs to ensure it could carry 10K m3.

I started this process with a fleet of 13 T1 Industrials across 5 Toons. I ended up with a fleet of 17 – 1 Mammoth, 9 Wreathe (including 4 Cyno Busses), 4 Iteron V and 3 Epithal.

This reflects the usefulness of the Epithal, and the splitting of roles of capacity and survivability.

This task took a day of on and off gaming. I had wondered what an average MMO Player might think of this whole process. It probably wouldn’t sound like fun! But then I realised how much time you can spend in traditional hack and slash MMO’s on Inventory Management, Crafting and researching and resourcing for builds and equipment. It’s housekeeping that some people can get a perverse pleasure out of.

All told I am enthused by these Industrial changes. Historically the best choice in T1 Industrial hull was the Iteron V. It made most of the other hulls redundant. Now you have at least 9 clearly useful and differentiated hulls. Four focused on capacity, four focused on survivability, and one on PI. You also have the fun factor on some hulls – the Caldari hulls can fit a launcher, and there is a Gallantee hauler that can use Drones. The Ore and Mineral haulers might even have a use for younger players, without the means to purchase or fly something bigger.  (Although as flagged by Serpentine Logic in a recent comment, a POS fuel hauler would have been more useful).  Overall though, good job CCP.

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