Getting my head around boosting

With family visiting this weekend, there won’t be a chance for a further Wormhole trip. I jump my main back to a more expensive clone with faster learning.

I check over my Odyssey 1.1 To-Do List, and decide to spend some time reviewing the updated Command Ships. These are basically more heavily tanked battle cruisers that provide bonuses to fitted Warfare links. These in turn provide buffs / boosts to fleet members.

My memory is a hazy in some areas, so it is time for a simple rehash for myself.  (Sorry if I get any of this wrong.)

The basic skills impacting fleet boosts: (bonuses are per rank)

Leadership – +2 Members in Squad, +2% Target speed
Armor Warfare – 2% Armor HP
Information Warfare – 2% Target Range
Mining Foreman – 2% Mining Yield
Siege Warfare – 2% Shield HP
Skirmish Warfare – 2% Agility

My Main Alt has rank V in all of those, so when fleeted with my Main they both enjoy +10% boosts in those 6 areas. Rather Useful.

(See for details of fleet management. The skills which impact the size of fleets you can control are Leadership, Wing Command, and Fleet Command.)

Now it gets more complicated. There are a further 6 related skills which allow the use, and impact the effectiveness of, ship modules which provide additional types of fleet boosts. These are generally called Gang Links.

Mining Director
Armored Warfare Specialist
Information Warfare Specialist
Siege Warfare Specialist
Skirmish Warfare Specialist
Warfare Link Specialist

These skills do not provide any fleet bonuses by themselves. The first five relate to individual classes of Gang Links, the final – Warfare Link Specialist, gives a general 10% boost to the effectiveness of all Gang Links per rank.

The types of fleet boosts available are:

Harvester Capacitor Efficiency – reduces Cap needed by Harvesters
Laser Optimization – reduces Cycle Time of Harvesters
Mining Laser Field Enhancement – increases Range of Harvesters

Damage Control – reduces Cap needed by Armor Repair Systems
Passive Defense – increases Armor Resistances
Rapid Repair – reduces Armor Repair Cycle Time

Electronic Superiority – increases strength of Electronic Warfare
Recon Operation – increases range of Electronic Warfare
Sensor Integrity – increases Sensor Strength and Lock range

Active Shielding – reduces Shield Repair Cycle Time
Shield Efficiency – reduces Cap needed by Shield Boosters
Shield Harmonizing – increases Shield Resistances

Evasive – reduces Signature Radius
Interdiction – increase Range of Scrams/Disruptors
Rapid – increase AB and MWD speed

It is worth noting that if you use a link to reduce the cycle time of Armor Repairers or Shield Boosters, you generally have to pair it with a link to reduce the CAP use. In my experience the Harvester Capacitor Efficiency link is useless for any half decently skilled miner.

These Gang link modules can only be fit on certain hulls and in certain numbers, from memory Battle Cruisers (with Command Ships receiving bonuses to doing so), Strategic Cruisers (with the right subsystem), Carriers, Super Carriers, Orca’s and Rorquals. The Command Processor module can be used to increase the number of Gang Links that can be fit.

On top of all this, you can also install an implant in Slot 10 of a clone called a Mindlink. These boost the effectiveness of Gang Links of their class (Mining, Armor, Information, Siege or Skirmish) by 25%, and change the related Gang Skill boost (Armor HP, or Shield HP, or Targeting Range etc) from 10% to a fixed 15%.

In Odyssey 1.1 four more Faction Mindlinks were made available. These boosted two classes of Gang Links at the same time, and impacted two related Gang Skill Boosts to 15%. These are:

Caldari Navy –Siege & Information, 15% Shield HP & Targeting Range
Federation Navy –Armored & Skirmish, 15% Armor HP & Ability
Imperial Navy – Armored & Information, 15% Armor HP & Targeting Range
Republic Fleet – Siege and Skirmish, 15% Shield HP & Agility

So, after all of that, back to the Command Ships. My Alt can fly all of them, so what are my options?

Hull – Bonuses on
Absolution – Armor & Information Links, plus Energy Turrets & Resists
Damnation –Armor and Information Links, plus Missiles & Resists & Armor HP
Nighthawk – Siege and Information Links, plus Missiles & Resists
Vulture – Siege and Information Links, plus Hybrid Turrets & Resists
Astarte – Armor and Skirmish Links, plus Hybrid & Armor Rep
Eos – Armor and Skirmish Links, plus Hybrid & Drone & Armor Rep
Claymore – Siege and Skirmish Links, plus Missile & Shield Boost
Sleipnir – Siege and Skirmish Links, plus Projectile & Shield Boost

I already have a Clone and Orca set up for maximum mining boosting, so I am not looking at that.

In reality at the moment the only real use I would have for a command ship is to dual box / boost my Main while he flies missions.

(Let’s ignore the fact I haven’t run a L4 mission in quite some time as I find them horrendously boring. Maybe this exercise will make them more fun.)

My current mission ship is a Tengu, and I prefer using missiles for versatility. So I need something with bonuses on Siege links. The secondary bonus for those is either Information or Skirmish Links. For missions, particularly where Jamming isn’t much of an issue, it would be better to take Skirmish. Given I want it to use missiles; my only choice is the Claymore.

What a lot of work, and I haven’t even started looking at fitting one.

My Main Alt is currently working on getting all his Gang Specialist skills to Rank V to allow the use of the Mindlinks and T2 Gang Link Modules. He has Warfare Link, Armored and Siege to rank V, and is currently working on Skirmish. That will leave Information to do last. (He already has Mining Director V.) So I am 18 days off being able to fit the Claymore like I will want. I can however plug everything into EFT.

So – what sort of difference can all this make?

My current Tengu fit has a Cap stable tank of 492DPS.

If being boosted by his Alt in a basic Claymore with all three Siege Warfare Links and a Republic Fleet Warfare Mindlink, his tank increases to 735DPS. The Claymore’s own little thought /thrown together T2 tank increases from 632DPS to 973DPS.

Those are substantial improvements, and basically make them over tanked. As such I can change the fittings around so that I lower the tank to more suitable levels, and work on increasing the DPS.

I’ll need to play around with the Evasive Maneuvers Gang Link as well, but that will all have to wait for another day.

With full skills, and kitted out with Mindlinks and the right hull, you can see why these sorts of boosts can make a huge impact to the effectiveness of people in fleets.

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