Oh 7

I am writing a Blog Banter at the moment and happened to check out the birth date of my Main EVE character.  17.09.2006.  What do you know, I’m 7 today.  It’s funny how those sorts of things happen.

I should have logged in and done something to note the occasion.  Instead I’ve been dealing with an extremely nasty headache, multiple full on tantrums from a four year old (I thought we were over that stage, apparently not), and a wild-eyed wife struggling with work stress.

Maybe I will just quickly log in and shoot a belt rat or something.


8 thoughts on “Oh 7

    • I’ve undocked to mark the occasion – and picked up a Succubus Blueprint and an Centii A-Type Adaptive Nano Plating module, with an escalation still to follow. I’ll consider it a birthday present.

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