I tend to run the exploration anomalies in High Sec. It feels a little embarrassing to do so in a Tengu, but after every dozen or so I will have a Faction spawn at the end of one, which can drop reasonable loot.

I usually do one, launch my probes, and salvage the wrecks while I scan down any sites in the system.

Today I had an expedition come up in my journal upon finishing an anomaly that had no faction spawn. I don’t recall ever having been given an expedition in that way before.

It was 11 jumps away, so I headed over to investigate. Upon arrival it wasn’t the usual escalation, but a DED 3 of 10. Sure enough, it wouldn’t let my Tengu in.

So I flew 11 jumps back to my home system and grabbed my Gila. It is my current hull of choice for Hi-Sec DED complexes.

Then I flew 11 jumps back.

I ran the site, triggered the faction spawn at the end, and looted and salvaged.

Then I flew 11 jumps back home again.

44 jumps for less than 1M in total rewards.

The day previous I ran a Drone combat site in my home system.  This is not something I normally bother with since the loot drops are almost always dismal, but I had 5 minutes spare.  The Faction Drone dropped over 150M ISK in loot.

EVE certainly has a sense of humour.

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