391 Bottles of Beer on the wall

I’ve had some unusual luck during my recent sessions of Hi-Sec exploration, and I found myself in Jita selling off 500M worth of loot. I was looking for things to buy while playing the 0.01ISK game, so decided to check out skill books.

My game client suggests there are currently 398 skills available – and my main had 370.

He was missing the following 28:

Empire Control (#)
Megacorp Management (#)
Starbase Defense Management (#)
Fighter Bombers (@)
Projected Electronic Counter Measures (@)
Doomsday Operation (@)
Armored Warfare Specialist (#)
Fleet Command
Information Warfare Specialist (#)
Siege Warfare Specialist (#)
Skirmish Warfare Specialist (#)
Wing Command (#)
Neurotoxin Control
Neurotoxin Recovery
Battleship Construction
Cruiser Construction (#)
Outpost Construction
Astronautic Engineering
Sleeper Technology
Takahl Technology
Talocan Technology
Yan Jung Technology
Amarr Titan (@)
Caldari Titan (@)
Gallente Titan (@)
Minmatar Titan (@)
Tycoon (#)

10 of these skills (marked with #) are covered by Alts, so I don’t have any pressing need to train them.

7 of these skills (marked with @) relate specifically to Supercarriers, which I am not interesting in training for.

Astronautic Engineering has no in game purpose, and costs 1+B to purchase. It is like a collectible. I won’t bother training that.

I have an Alt who can train Sovereignty – but will never have the need for it. Given it costs 500M, I won’t bother training that one either.

So that left 9 skills that I don’t have access to in game that I might – in the name of being a Jack of all trades, want.

So I picked up and trained the following 6

Sleeper Technology
Takahl Technology
Talocan Technology
Yan Jung Technology
Neurotoxin Control
Neurotoxin Recovery

I added Fleet Command to my boosting Alt’s training queue, and Battleship Construction and Outpost Construction to my main (along with the required prerequisite Cruiser Construction).

When done I will have access to 389 of the 398 available skills. The only ones missing will be for Supper Carriers, Astronautic Engineering and Sovereignty.

A silly milestone, particularly as it gets to 97% done and stops, but it keeps me amused.

2 thoughts on “391 Bottles of Beer on the wall

  1. I have to admit doing a bit of that myself. At 110 million skill points I am starting to look at what gaps I have left to fill. Thanks to the rework of skill categories, I found a few in targeting skills that I clearly need. On the list now.

    Of course, as a completionist, I also tend to want to train the skills up to level V, which is a chore in and of itself. So do I expand my skill set beyond my meager 271 current skills, or do I cap all I have up to level V?

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