Hello Rubicon

So CCP has started the announcements regards the next expansion, Rubicon, slated for release on November 19th.

You can view the release overview TV show and website here:



Some initial images can also be checked out on the EVE Online Facebook page.


Some of the topics covered:

. This is only the first step of a three year plan. Some of the art released are just teasers, they will not be introduced with Rubicon

. We will be able to control Custom Offices in Empire. I like this change – so much so I logged in Alts and purchased the Gantry and supplies required to build 3 of them. I have also made a note to set up some high DPS ships to allow me to clear a couple Interbus ones. I am not doing this for profit – just for interest. It’s a good game change when you immediately start preparations to make the most of it.

. They have or are working on new code for deployable structures, separate from the old POS mechanic. There should be 4 classes of structure released with Robicon (some possibly with a number of variations). There will be a Siphon Unit (which steals from Starbases doing Moon Mining or reactions, but anyone can take from it), a Depot (which is a mobile home base with personal storage and a fitting service, very inexpensive), a Tractor beam / looting device, and a localised Cyno Jammer ( onetime use disposable module that jams out standard Cynos in a 70-100km sort of range). These can be put anywhere, attacked without concord intervention, will break down over time without management, have a sort of reinforcement cycle if attacked, but which allows the owner to come back and take it away. Lots of possible new and different game play here, so I view this as a positive.

. They are modifying Warp acceleration. A tech 1 cruiser will be the base line – they will travel in warp at around the same pace as now. However smaller hulls will travel much faster, and larger hulls a little slower. It will be possible for small ships to warp past bigger and slower hulls, which adds interesting PVP elements.

. They will be looking to rebalance Marauders (mostly discussed before), Interceptors (Bubble Immunity, slight HP drop, next to no cargo to stop them using Cynos etc), Light Interdictors (more balanced, faster warp speeds), and the Electronic Attack Frigates (better Cap Recharge, better locking, and maybe doubling the range of effects so that they are closer to Recons). I particularly like the Interceptor change, especially in conjunction with the faster warping.

. The bubble art is changing

. There will be a new Battleship sized Rapid Heavy Missile Launcher introduced. The overall DPS will be a bit lower than Cruise Missiles, but they will be more effective on smaller hulls.

. There are two new Pirate Faction ships being released for Sisters of EVE. These sound very interesting and I expect I will own a few of them. In effect they are long range exploration hulls that can use Covert Ops Cloaks, will have hacking etc type bonuses, combat capability, be armor tanked, have large drone bays, and come in Frigate and Cruiser size. *drool*

ehimg289SoE Frigate Concept

ehimg290SoE Cruiser Concept

. The rather messy Certificate system is being replaced. No real view on that. The aim is to help newer players.

. You will be able to view Ship hulls mapped out within the game. Again no real view – and again the aim is to help newer players.

. The Character selection screen will be made prettier, with extra details about each character, and an easier redeeming system. They vaguely mentioned there was more functionality to come.

. They will be incorporating Twitch TV into the EVE client, allowing streaming. Not something I am likely to use, but useful for training and just generally sharing your EVE experiences.

So overall I am enthused – not just because there is some new stuff to aim for, but because there are brand new tactical options being introduced that increase the sandpit type nature of the game.

(Edited – added some CCP Images after reviewing the Fan Site Guidelines)

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