There’s a reason I don’t rely on my luck

As most of you will know CCP announced that they wanted to do something extra special to celebrate EVE Vegas this year, and offered up prizes including Guardian Vexors and Gold Magnates through the third party SOMER Blink Lottery.


CCP did this as a way of continuing their support of community initiatives.

Within seconds they were hit with a torrential flood of angst from the player base, mostly around the profits SOMER Blink would make, and the breaking of in game lore by re-introducing extra copies of these rare ships.

CCP then came back replacing the ship hulls with new once off variants of the Sisters of EVE Exploration Cruiser being introduced in the Rubicon Expansion.

I understand most of the player concerns; and don’t particularly disagree with the outcome. However – my overriding feeling is of embarrassment.

I am shamed by the constant over reactions, tantrums, and dummy spits from the collective EVE player base. Sure CCP might have handled this a little better, but where is the appreciation for what they were trying to do? There seems to be no effort to look at the positives, instead it is just another gleeful opportunity to rant and rave and stamp your feet. We have perfected the behaviour of the most annoyingly unappreciative and impossible to please teenager. CCP must wonder why they bother.

So I did something I have never done, and had no interest in doing – I created a SOMER Blink account and deposited ISK in it. I then blew all of it over a couple of sittings to show my support for what CCP attempted to do, in the hope that when all the dust has settled, CCP can see despite the noise the idea was a success.

And that brings me back to the title of this blog. The reason I am so risk adverse and careful in EVE? I am not a particularly lucky person. At one point I had spent half my money for a 4% return.

It’s a very slick operation with an impressive interface and professional approaches to keeping people logged in and gambling. It is also apparently possible to play the odds. You notice the same half dozen names buying 50 to 90% of the tickets again and again on big ticket items. One person won 25+ Rorqual’s over the one hour I watched, spending mind numbingly large amounts of ISK.

I took lessons from the approach of other players and ended up getting about 35% of my outlay back in mostly Faction and T2 Frigate hulls. I now have a miniscule chance of winning one of those great Prices donated by CCP (don’t like my chances), and I have gifted a chunk of ISK to the coffers of SOMER Blink. It wasn’t a logical way to spend my ISK – but it is worthwhile supporting community initiatives…

3 thoughts on “There’s a reason I don’t rely on my luck

  1. Hear, hear! Thank you for writing this. I too thought it was a good idea and very in keeping with the theme of Eve Vegas. And I already had a SOMER Blink account. I logged right in and started earning blinks. Then I noticed the gift link for those who had accounts already when the promo started. Of course I claimed a gift. Sometimes I am lucky. I got a Phantasm. I like it so much I’ll probably just fit it and ship spin in Jita. *LOL*

    • In amongst my winnings were a number of Republic Fleet Firetails. I don’t like the look of them, and I don’t think there is a fit which makes them useful to me. I’m not the brightest of gamblers…

  2. I guess there are two views. One is invested, passionate believers in the game. The other is whiny entitled fanbois who don’t like anything that doesn’t benefit them directly.

    In any event, there are ways to convey your view without descending to name calling, pejoratives or outright profanity.

    I love a good discussion. Rational discourse that uses logic to give impetus to a particular position on a subject. Even if that position differs to mine, I can still respect the way it was presented (and by extension the arguer) .

    Whinge, moan, complain, whine – well, not so much really…

    On the subject of Somer Blink, I’m in two minds. It is a very slick interface, and I’m not immediately aware of any controversy about them.

    Other hand – CCP does need to be a wee bit careful about (the perception of) favoritism.

    All imho as per usual 🙂

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