5% D-Scan Angle

Being able to use D-Scan accurately is important when travelling through wormholes or hunting other players. I mentioned in my last post that I was having problems with the 5 and 15% angle not working.  (It will be raised again in the next couple wormhole posts I have backlogged.)

Today I spent some time looking at it, and with the help of Google and some trial and error seem to have solved it.

The process of using D-Scan for pin-point tactical information is relatively simple.  In the “Selected Item” window options, you turn on “Tracking Camera: Track selected Item”.


Then in the “Overview” window you select an object in space, and your camera view will automatically swing around to face it.


You then use the Directional Scan (D-Scan) at 5%, and it should show you the object you are tracking on, and anything else in your overview settings within 5% angle of it.  In this case there is a POS on the moon with no Force field.  It is also a useful way of working out what ships might be sitting on a gate, at a station, or within a POS.


As I mentioned, when using item tracking I was finding it would not appear at a 5 or 15% angle.  This made it rather inaccurate.

The first thing I did was edit the Client graphic settings, and put the Camera View slider to the centre.  This improved the accuracy from 30% to 15%.  (I had it off centre as I have the overview/scanner windows open all the way down one side of my screen.)


I then had to use the “Set Tracking On Screen Position” in the “Selected Item” Window Settings, and by holding down both mouse buttons, line up my ship with the selected item in space – trying over and over again until I got it to accurately show up on a 5% scan.


Success! That should make my wormhole trips just a little safer.  (Watch as I died the next time I venture into one…)


So I sat there thinking CCP made that far too difficult – needing to have everything lined up on screen, not using the offset options they built into the display, and that holding down both mouse button thing. Then I glanced down at the Scanner option and noticed “Use Tracking Camera”.


I wonder what effect that would have?  I tested this with my camera offset turned back on again, and it overrode it.  That’s good to know.  I should also test if it overrode any changes I might make to the onscreen tracking position?  I was too scared to test this however – it took me long enough to get the scan working accurately that I don’t want to mess it up.

I don’t know if I should be pleased with the resolution or not!

2 thoughts on “5% D-Scan Angle

  1. There has been a call to display the cone in space, i.e. display where the d-scan is currently aiming at. That would eliminate this confusion. We should grab a CSM member and kick them in a shin (gently) about this topic

    • You can use the solar system map with the D-Scan – just align the “You Are Here” icon with whatever you want to scan at 5%. However in cluttered systems it is not quick or easy to pin point the various things you want to scan. You also lose situational awareness.

      Your comment did remind me that there is a D-Scan cone view available in game. You use the F11 maps, and check out the solar system one. There is a white cone showing the direction the camera is facing, and a green overlay showing the angle (right down to 5%). However that is a small map which is even harder to pin point individual objects on.

      I don’t even think it requires a cone overlay in the normal view – just an option to reset the camera position to true / 0 offset.

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