Day 4 A

I’m on holidays and have an entire day scheduled to play EVE. My daughter will be at childcare, my son at a football clinic, and my wife will be busy and out of the house, leaving me in peace. Boy had I been looking forward to it.

Then the day before my Daughter gets up with a bit of a cough, which gets progressively worse by the hour until she ends up bent over coughing up lung every five minutes. I feel my shoulders slumping.

Sure enough on the morning of my great EVE adventure she wakes up with a croaky voice and deep hacking cough. I point out that she seems cheerful enough to my wife, but she just shrugs and says “sorry, she has to stay at home with you”.


So dreams of 6 or 7 hours of uninterrupted wormhole roaming are dashed, and instead I spend the day watching over my daughter.

At around 3:30 my wife arrives home with my Son, and I decide to retreat to my study, close the door, and ignore all and sundry to try and salvage a bit of time for EVE.


[Verge Vendor]
Scolluzer – 2 (WH to unknown, WH to C2)

I clone jump back to my Loki, undock, and admire the scenery of Verge Vendor again. There are two signatures in system, both leading to unknown space. I arbitrarily pick one and jump through.


J142306 – 3+1 (WH to unknown, WH to Hi Sec, WH to C3)

The first hole for the session is a C2. There are three unknown signatures in system, plus an Executioner, Shuttle, 5 towers and 3 force fields on scan. I bookmark the wormhole and warp off, deciding to check out the towers. They are all clustered close together, and I struggle to accurately find them on D-Scan.

I turn tracking on, select a moon and do a 5% scan. The moon doesn’t appear. I use the 15% scan – and still no moon. At 30% I finally see the moon I am tracking on, but also every moon near it. I am not sure if this is a game feature, or the result of having my ship off center on my screen. The end result is it takes me an annoyingly long time to find all 5 towers and to confirm the hulls are empty.

Warping to the other side of the hole finds 3 more active towers which I leave unfound – there are no ships on scan anyway.

The 3 signatures scan down to 3 wormholes – one to unknown space, one to Hi-Sec, and one to a C3. Odd how sometimes it takes me half a dozen systems to find one wormhole, and today I am only finding wormholes. I check out the High Sec one first.


Palpis – 0+1

I find myself in an empty system in a Hi-Sec pocket in Devoid. I’ve never visited here before. I wait out my polarisation time and jump back into the Wormhole.



I’m back into the C2. Next I warp to the WH to an unknown, but find it has collapsed. I really need to start paying closer attention to the description and appearance of the wormholes. Strike that one off the list. There is still no sign of activity in the hole, so I pop my head through the last of the wormholes into a C3.


J164729 – 2+1 (WH to Hi Sec, WH to Null)

This C3 has a horrible effect on Shields, so I remind myself not to initiate combat here. A quick scout finds two online towers and no signs of activity. I pin-point these a little easier as the planets and moons are not clustered as closely together. I then scan down the 3 signatures, starting (as I am making a habit of) with my inbound wormhole. Again all I do is find wormholes – one being to Null Sec, the other to High Sec.


[Khanid Kingdom]
Bukah – 2+1

The Hi-Sec hole drops me out into Khanid Kingdom, which is not an area I have frequently much over the last 7 years. I note it is near Keberz and the notorious HED-GP. I hear –A- are back in control. I feel comfortable enough (or is that foolish) to polarise myself and step immediately back through the wormhole.



I’m back into the C3 with its horrible effect on my shields. I then warp across to the Null Sec wormhole – but actually find myself at the inbound from the C2. I messed up my bookmarking. I warp away, re-launch probes, and re-scan the Null Link down. I step through.


J6QB-P – 0+1

I find myself in Catch with two –A– Pilots and one of their stations. I guess that confirms they are back. Good for them. I am not that far from HED-GP, and have 3 entrances to Providence within 6 jumps. Any interest in looking around is squashed by a croaky interruption from my 4 year old daughter – Tea is ready. I return to the C3, then back to Bukah in Empire Space, and finally take one gate further so I can dock for a while.

[Khanid Kingdom]
Bukah – 2+1
Agil – 1



Latest Trip Count – 4 sessions, 26 Empire Systems, 11 Wormholes, 1 Null System, 1 kill

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