Day 4 B

Tea completed I sit down to continue my wormhole session.

[Khanid Kingdom]
Agil – 1

There is still only 1 signature in the system when I undock, with the same ID. I figure it will be a WH. It only takes a minute to confirm that. I am soon siting cloaked 10km off it, looking at a K162 to unknown space. In I go.


J144326 1+1 (WH to C1)

It is another quiet system from the look of it, this time a C2. I check the system over with D-Scan, seeing one Online POS near Planet V (with 19 Moons), and another Online POS on the outer Planet VI with 4 hulls near it.

I warp to the outer most planet first and quickly pick the POS up on D-Scan at Moon 1. I warp in but realise I’ve got it wrong. There is a POS with lots of modules, but this one is Offline.

Another quick look at D-Scan shows up the active POS on VI M2. As I drop out of warp I see the Hurricane, Ibis, Orca and Anathema all floating empty within the shields.


I warp to Planet V to search for the POS I noticed earlier – and pick up there are actually two POS near the planet, the Online one I noticed earlier, and an offline one. I am forced to use 30% angles on D-Scan, but find the Active POS on V M5, and the Inactive POS on V M11.

I’m not pleased to have missed 2 of 4 POS on my initial sweep. I really have to pay closer attention – it is those sorts of mistakes that will get me killed.

Oddly all four POS are from different Corporations / Alliances, and the Customs Office I warped in on earlier was a different Corporation again.

There is no recent activity in the hole and no Anomalies, so I launch probes to search out the second Signature. I get my inbound on one scan, and a second WH on the 3rd scan. It connects to a C1 – and with still no signs of activity here, I step through.


J165901 5+1 (WH to Hi-Sec, Gas, Gas, Gas, Relic)

I see a Catalyst on scan with 3 Online POS, a Bubble, and lots of Secure Containers. There is one planet out of range – so I warp out to it but find the area empty.

Warping back towards the inner cluster of planets and a Drake now comes up on scan. I am not sure if I missed that earlier or if it is a new arrival. Then I count the number of POS again, and there are now 4. One must have just been out of D-Scan range from the wormhole entrance.

I’d just been telling myself I had to pay more attention. Obviously in those first rushed seconds as you step into a hole for the first time, mistakes can be made. (The process is to check your overview, hit D-Scan, bookmark the wormhole, look for something to warp to, check D-Scan again, warp away and re-cloak, making sure you don’t drop cloak by warping through the hole, bookmark a safe spot while in warp, hit D-Scan a few times, and finally ready yourself for whatever you might encounter as you drop out of warp)

I find the new / 4th POS fairly quickly, with an unpiloted Drake.

D-Scan tells me a second POS is near Planet VI, and I find it on Moon 1.

The third and fourth POS are near Planets – I, II, III, IV or V. Scratch that, Planet I and II don’t have any moons. I still need to narrow that down more, but I am still wrestling with being accurate enough with D-Scan. I move to another planet and try again, this time Planet V shines as the clear winner.

Moon 2 has the third POS, the Catalyst, and the anchored bubble. The destroyer is unpiloted. The bubble is in a strange spot, and I am not sure from what direction it would catch anyone – maybe the sun?

Anyway the catalyst is empty, and there is no sign of any activity, so I don’t feel the need to find the last POS.  Time to scan.

I resolve my inbound on the 1st scan, another wormhole on the 4th, exclude 2 Gas sites on the 6th, exclude another Gas site on the 7th, and exclude a Relic site on the 8th scan.

The only Wormhole I have to check goes back to Hi-Sec. With no apparent activity here, I step through into what I am guessing will be Verge Vendor again from the appearance of the hole.


[Sing Laison]
Dodixie – 0+1

Nope – but the backdrop is kind of the same. I did find it odd coming into a trading hub from a wormhole. I know it is one of the smaller trade hubs, but I didn’t think sites were spawned in them. Maybe that is only with Jita?

I can see Core Probes on scan. Since this Wormhole is the only thing to find in system, maybe I should go back through the hole and wait to see what arrives? Or maybe I won’t. I stay in Dodixie cloaked and watch the probes. They take a long time to get close before finally disappearing. No ship however arrives. Combat Probes then appear – but the same scenario plays out. They take a long time to all cluster around the hole, then disappear – along with whoever was controlling them.

Time to make a move I think. I check the regional map, see a chunk of 0.5 systems nearby, and head in that direction.


Vylade – 1 (WH to Unknown)

The next system over has 1 signature. I drop probes and after two scans I have a Wormhole. That was quick. It leads to unknown space.

I check D-Scan and see Sisters Core Probes. I double check and I had indeed recalled mine – so someone else should soon find this hole. I jump in, keeping that in mind.


J105632 5+1 (Gas, WH to Hi-Sec, Gas, Data, Gas)

Inside the wormhole there are Sisters Core probes, a Heron, two towers and one force field on scan.

I try to pin point the Heron and it appears to be near Planet V and an Offline POS. I warp to the planet and short range D-Scan. The tower turns up at V M9, surrounded by anchored offensive modules. The Heron however seems to be actively warping around. I’m not going to catch that.

Now to find the second POS – while keeping in mind there is a 3rd planet out of range. The POS is near Planet VII – and as I warp in I get in range of a third POS, this also offline. The second POS is on Moon 3, and the third POS ends up being near Planet 9.

I have noticed that quite a lot of the POS I am finding are poorly configured, and offer no real deterrent to anyone thinking about attacking them.

At this time the night time routine was in full swing with the family, and I was interrupted again for a couple of hours.

When I return I decide to scan down the 6 sites still in system. Soon after I launch probes I see an extra 8 probes and a Helios on d-scan. I find my inbound hole on the first cycle, drop two Gas sites on my 3rd scan, drop a Data on the 6th and Gas on the 7th, and pin point the last site, a second wormhole, on my 8th scan.

In the middle of my scan someone pipes up in local – “Your back again? Lol”. Since I hadn’t dropped probes in this hole before, I’m pretty sure he wasn’t talking to me.


[The Bleak Lands]
Junsen – 3+1

My only option is a Wormhole to Hi-Sec, which drops me out in the Bleak Lands.  I don’t bother scanning the 3 unknown signatures, and instead dock up. My gaming is done.  I had managed to half salvage my day after all.


Latest Trip Count – 5 sessions, 29 Empire Systems, 14 Wormholes, 1 Null System, 1 kill

4 thoughts on “Day 4 B

  1. If you don’t already, I would suggest adding ‘force field’ to your active overview. It’s the most important part of a tower when looking for them, as the number of force fields equals the number of active towers. Any other tower will be off-line, and I don’t have the actual tower on my overview (and thus d-scan results) for that reason.

    Having the force field and not the tower on your d-scan results also identifies really quickly if there are any CHAs or SMAs in a system with an off-line tower.

    As for the oddly positioned bubble, it may have been anchored on the moon’s warp-in, which will be different from where the tower gets anchored. If that’s the case, it should catch anyone warping to the moon from any direction and range, unless they are warping to a bookmarked spot. Of course, it could also be in entirely the wrong place.

    • Force field is on overview – that is how I know how many POS are online and how many are offline. Good tip re-CHA/SMAs. When I do pick up an offline POS I re-scan with all POS mods showing to check for anything of value. Yours is a smarter approach.

  2. Yes, add forcefields to your overview. I also used to have SMAs on it with the logic that (tower-forcefield)+SMA = Loot but sadly that is not the case anymore.

    With respect to moon numbers, people are lazy. They either chose moon 1 or the moon number that corresponds to the planet number. Sometimes you see 7 or 13.

    Lastly, never warp to the planet – I had several instances where I warp to the planet at range and instead drop on top of the POCO. Not sure if that was a bug thats fixed now but I stay away from them. (and of course the sun)

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