September Done

Fluid ISK in the Trading Corp at the end of month

I only keep an amateurish measurement of my Trade and Industry profits – based around fluid ISK.

Cash, Stock & Supplies

11.1B Wallet
0.5B Escrow
1.0B Stock on Market
0.5B Manufacturing Supplies
0.1B PI
0.4B POS Fuel

Fluid ISK this Month

Fluid ISK last Month

Position Change


Industry / Trade Details

I was surprised to see my month was as profitable as it was. I put in less than half the effort I have over previous months, barely touched PI, and there were no standout windfalls.

I did not change any of the items I trade this month.

I have two main competitors in my area who update their orders around once a day. With time zone differences we seem end up comfortably sharing the market. There was one, maybe two aggressive new comers this month. For a period of time I upped the frequency of my order updates in response to this – as did my two competitors. Between us we seemed to fend them off after a week or so. We then all settled back down to less frequent updates.

It might just be all in my mind, but it is funny how we all seemed to attack the new comer, but don’t put the same effort into competing against each other. While I have the pair of them watchlisted, I’ve never directly spoken to them.

Trading volumes were relatively low.



Account 1 (Main) – 131M SP. Covered all the PI and new Infomorph skills to rank IV. Picked up the two Neurotoxin skills to rank III. Working on getting every Science Skill to at least rank III.

Account 2 (Main Alt) – 123M SP. Trained Skirmish Warfare Specialist V, Large Energy Turret and the two new Infomorph skills. Currently working on Information Warfare Specialist V.

Account 3 (Industry Alt 1) – 42M SP. No Training
Account 3 (Industry Alt 2) – 10M SP. I am just finishing off her Drone skills. I might work on some of her other basic tanking skills next.



I had a productive month – working through a good chunk of my Odyssey 1.1 To Do List, spending time doing exploration (including making over 500M in a couple of hours in Empire), roamed wormholes, and got my first PVP kill in a long time. I am also setting up to try and grind some Sisters of EVE missions. I’ve just about got the right ships and supplies in place. I’m looking forward to seeing just how much a difference my T2 Link boosting Alt will have on the process.