Well Played


I logged in the other day to an EVE Mail from Concord, and another from a Capsuleer.

I read the CONCORD notification first – and was bemused to see that a bounty of 50M ISK had been placed on my Trading Alts head.

Next I viewed the EVE Mail from the Capsuleer expected to see an explanation, but instead I only found the words “Well Played”.

Odd – I don’t generally think of myself as playing EVE well.

So I checked the Corporation Wallet history, and found that particular Capsuleer had sold me some T2 Small Tractor Beams at well under my Buy Price, indicating they had made a typo when putting them up for sale.



Should have seen that coming


The Hi-Sec POCO Dev Blog has been released.  The important bits:

. The NPC tax will continue for Hi-Sec POCOs

. A new skill – Customs Code Expertise, will allow you to reduce that NPC tax by 10% per level

. The base value the tax is calculated on has been reduced by between 11 to 20%


I expect with Customs Code Expertise IV, and the drop in the base value the tax is calculated on, NPC PI costs will drop by around 50% in Empire.  Concord POCO have a 10% tax rate in Empire, so that would be an effective new rate of around 5%.  I thought Interbus had a tax rate of 17% though – I wonder when they take over the Hi-Sec POCO if they keep Concord’s 10% or increase it to 17%?  Assuming it remains 10%

. An Empire POCO with a 0% tax will afford you the full savings

. An Empire POCO with a 5% tax will mean overall no change to current costs

A typical CCP approach – I should have expected it.  It makes owning or fighting over a POCO in Empire somewhat less interesting.  I’ll have to rethink if I aim for 3 of them for myself.