Should have seen that coming

The Hi-Sec POCO Dev Blog has been released.  The important bits:

. The NPC tax will continue for Hi-Sec POCOs

. A new skill – Customs Code Expertise, will allow you to reduce that NPC tax by 10% per level

. The base value the tax is calculated on has been reduced by between 11 to 20%


I expect with Customs Code Expertise IV, and the drop in the base value the tax is calculated on, NPC PI costs will drop by around 50% in Empire.  Concord POCO have a 10% tax rate in Empire, so that would be an effective new rate of around 5%.  I thought Interbus had a tax rate of 17% though – I wonder when they take over the Hi-Sec POCO if they keep Concord’s 10% or increase it to 17%?  Assuming it remains 10%

. An Empire POCO with a 0% tax will afford you the full savings

. An Empire POCO with a 5% tax will mean overall no change to current costs

A typical CCP approach – I should have expected it.  It makes owning or fighting over a POCO in Empire somewhat less interesting.  I’ll have to rethink if I aim for 3 of them for myself.

2 thoughts on “Should have seen that coming

  1. I do think your idea is good – if you can select good planets. Either strategic ones (i.e. the ones that make critical components for POS fuel, such as Lava) or those that can support advanced production (which needs import, cant make it all on one planet), that would be barren or temperate. Also, away from trade routes is likely the safest for long term deployment

    • I decided I will deploy one on a barren planet where my factories are. I have three toons with PI skills, so I can make use of that – even if I have to buy some ingredients off the market. (At the moment I don’t need to buy – that may change depending on what happens with how other player groups manage POCO in the area.) There is a Plasma in my network, but I will probably ignore the “good” planets. Too hard for a solo player to defend. I’ll have to strategically pick what the last two will be.

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