Break the missioning voodoo

The arduous grind for Faction standing that allowed me to anchor a POS in Empire sapped, no killed, all interest I had in running missions in EVE. It has been that way for years.

I’ve decided that I need to get past that – and over the last couple months I have been putting various things in place to try and make them interesting for me. The new Sisters of EVE hulls have helped focus the goal further, and given it some impetus.

My main Alt is sitting in a Mission Boosting Claymore – with T2 Shield Efficiency, T2 Active Shielding, T2 Evasive Maneuver Gang links, and a Republic Fleet Warefare Mindlink. My Main is winging his way to the mission hub right now in his relatively mild Tengu, and probably his most blingy clone to date.


It is time to break the mission voodoo with some efficiency.  Well, try too.

5 thoughts on “Break the missioning voodoo

  1. One small point (here it comes), we ourselves foresee a small problem with Paul Atreides… Ahem – sleep deprivation. My excuse. Sticking to it.

    One small point – if any person in the corp has a standing, even if it is below the rounding error. i.e -0.0 then that will still be accounted for after the 7 day window.

    You may need to be aware when turning missions in, or being on grid when a faction rat is shot as that often brings a penalty.

    If any of your alts has no standing, then once you start down the road, you might need to do all. Or boot them from corp when you need. Standings are recalculated after downtime. Rejoin the next day and you have that 7 days before they drag things down again.

    Lastly – make sure you don’t need to go into the opposition faction space once you start down this road. H is limited to half empire because of seriously negative standings. Even with compensation skills.

    Guessing you know most of that. Just in case really.

    • All good points. I ensure standings are only ever gained on my Main and Main Alt. I always turn down missions that requiring killing other faction NPCs. While I have very high Amarr standing, I’ve always ensured I did not allow my Minmatar / Gallente standings to drop to the point where it impedes travel. The reason I started running Sister of EVE missions was because they give indirect Gallente and Minmatar boosts with only minor loss of Caldari and Amarr standings. Its a surprisingly complicated thing!

      • You can address this sort of predicament somewhat speedily via Tags, Cosmos and Epic Arc missions. (Although most of these are once off options.) I came across a number of plans on the EVE forums that suggested what to do and in what order. Still a lot of work and expensive, but better than starting at level 1 missions for a Faction that hates you.

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