SoE Osmon stinks?

Being an Empire Carebear, I am stuck using Empire Sister of EVE Agents. There are not many of them.

When I revisited SoE Mission running I found I did not have the standings for L4 Missions yet. Over two days I’ve run 13 L3 Security missions and 1 Storyline, basing myself out of Simela in Genesis.

This has had two benefits. First it has eased me back into the process of the PVE grind. The Rat AI and behaviour in Missions has changed, so it was smarter to do some L3 shakedown missions first. Second – and more importantly, it has exposed me again to the realities of being in active and populated systems.

I am Hermit by both name and nature, so my normal haunts are in the fringes and backwaters of EVE’s Empire. Oddly enough these are generally safer than the well-lit and well-travelled locations I find myself in now, which attract the vultures, scam artists and lowlife.

Suspect flagged mining barges idling away all day on undock with self-explanatory killboard histories, dubious cries for help from missions and belts, ship scanners who can’t be bothered fitting passive targeting modules – it goes on, but you are basically assailed by the wafted stench of the obnoxious.

(I don’t know how I’ve spent 7 years in a game that is clearly unsuited to me.)


There is only 1 L4 Security Agent for SoE in Empire – and that is located in Osmon.



I’ve been watching the systems statistics over the last few days – and there are always a lot of Ship and POD kills. The killboard history shows a lot of Suicide Ganks. Some you can understand – 3+B ISK PVE whales undocking into the face of Tornados. Other kills associated with Concord however make no economic sense – which suggests they are done simply for griefing. There are things I can do to mitigate economic dangers, but not much I can do against people just being assholes.



I could try out some L4 Distribution Missions – Gicodel seems far quieter. Not sure how much stamina I have for those sorts of missions however. Do I remove the minor amount of bling off my PVE ships? Do I swap the Tengu for my passive Rattlesnake, which would take a lot more DPS to gank? Do I stick with L3 missions and just go for the Zerg?  Or do I go do something else and buy the SoE ships off the market when they arrive instead of earning one myself?

7 thoughts on “SoE Osmon stinks?

  1. I use a heavily tanked passive, cloaky Tengu (254k EHP omnitank) for moving cargo to and from Osmon almost daily. Usually carrying 1-2 billion in cargo. Half the time I’m on auto-pilot and I haven’t had any trouble there yet.

    By passive tank I mean shield extenders plus active hardeners so it’s actually only about 45k EHO on auto but even when I’m on manual the first (and usually the last) jump are done manually.

    The mileage may vary for mission runners but for hauling I consider Osmon pretty safe.

    • I will have to fly something with the appropriate tank and DPS for L4 missions, which tends not to result in the highest EHP. I’ll sit in Osmon with an Alt for a while to get a feel for how the place is.

  2. Over and above any other considerations – Osmon local can be seriously bad. To the point where even I’ve considered reporting to CCP about it.

    Lets just say grinding for the virtue set there pretty much put me off the place forever.

    The three ice belts also attract a certain amount of angst. During the recent ice interdiction, there was one point where there were more kills there than in Jita.

  3. Stick with the lvl3 out of Simela, less hassle system, easier to blitz the mission and less boring and more LP’s then running distribution out of Gicodel. Just a pain the storyline is 7 jumps away.:)

  4. Yea some people are butthurt that Osmon has the lvl 4 SOE agent… and they want it to be removed for onlt null to have them same like other “pirate” factions.


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