Normally I have a few hours to myself on Saturday morning to Play EVE. It has become a bit of a ritual that I look forward to.

With it being school holidays however the kids’ activities are on hiatus, so my wife, son and daughter are not out. They are all here. In the house. With me.

I decided to keep things simple, and just aimed to get my Scout Alt over to Osmon to sit in local for a while to get a feel for the place.

Undock, Warp, Jump, Warp..

“Dad, can you help me brush my teeth?”
“Where’s your mother?”
“I don’t know.”


Brush, Brush, Brush..

Undock, Warp, Jump..

“Dad, can you brush my hair?”
“Where’s your mother?”
“I don’t know.”


Brush, Brush, Brush..

Undock, Warp, Jump, Warp, Jump..

“Dad, I really want this new texture pack for Minecraft.”
“Where’s your.. oh, never mind.”


Download and save away new Texture pack. Feign interest for a few minutes.

Undock, Warp, Jump, Warp, Jump

“Dad, I need to do my words.”
“Where’s your mother?”
“She’s in the Toilet.”


Go through my daughters Speech Therapist exercises.

Undock, Warp, Jump, Warp, Jump..




(Before anyone points out Autopilot – I dock because I simply don’t know how long each interruption will be. I’ve left a hauler full of goods on a gate for 6+ hours once after just stepping away from the screen for a 30 second task.)


So what do I think of Osmon?

I’m not sure. The first time I watched local it was full of chat in Russian, which I can’t read. The second time it was mainly a conversation between a new player and someone trying to be helpful. Although looking at the agents in the system and the tone of the conversation, my vote was for one or both of them being Awoxer’s. Another time there was a good example of inane baiting and obnoxiousness. I only noticed evidence of a couple of suicide ganks while I was watching, I suspect in the Ice belts.  I did wonder what was up with the Noctis sitting 300+ km off the station?  They had the effect of deforming the grid, but do they have any other purpose?  They were there every time I logged in.

4 thoughts on “Dad….

  1. I used to spend some time in osmon. There is a small corporation that operates there and in other hisec systems cleaning up loot and salvaging for people. 45% of income goes to the mission runner, 45% to the salvager and 10% to the corp for managing the process and selling the goods in Jita. From what I could tell they are generally honest. The isk that is turned over each month is not exactly mind blowing tho…

    The corp usually attracted new players who worked their way up to a noctis for fast looting /salvaging. Would imaging one of these players might be afk undocked in their noctis…

  2. Being a father of four, the majority of my eve playtime is when I wake up at my normal time on the weekend (5am), while everyone else is sleeping in.

    It shouldn’t be a surprise that I moved to industrial endeavors a year ago, as making CTAs was more of a challenge than it was worth.

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