The cost of free

A couple weeks back I remarked on the outrage from some quarters of the EVE community about CCP providing support for SOMER Blink.

My suggestion was that while I understood the concerns, it was an overreaction that would likely leave CCP less inclined to support community events.

By now the average EVE player who pays attention will be aware of the new furor – that CCP has been handing out the occasional gift to players / groups / fan sites who have been generating in game content. These can include the enigma that is the Ishukone Watch Scorpion and Rookie Pirate ships.

I applaud what CCP is trying to do.

I understand why they would tend to do it more on the quiet. It was easier to do it that way – they don’t want to set an expectation that everyone who organises something in Game will receive a reward, or that CCP shows public favoritism more to one group than another.

I don’t understand why they took that easier approach. It was bound to become public knowledge, and it is such obvious cannon fodder for the conspiracy theorists. CCP should have said up front that on occasion they plan to give out free ships, and the framework around that process.

The players rewarded by CCP would not have expected it. It would not have been the goal of their efforts. I am not sure how best to describe the situation – but I think the acknowledgement was very cool.

Disappointingly I suspect CCP will be less inclined to this sort of well-meaning action going forward.


As I said last time, the rage from some of the player base seems disproportionate and far too angry. I understood this during Incarna where the very future of the game seemed to be at stake. Now however it seems every CCP slip up – real or perceived, is leapt upon with such vitriolic. It is also no longer just CCP who is targeted, but anyone who is perceived to support them. Is this sort of PvD (Player verses Developer) animosity common elsewhere? Are some of these people just trolls? Are some Bitter Vets who want to leave the game, but feel stuck here as they have invested too much into it? What’s the motivation to react in this way to what is meant to be a form of entertainment and fun?

One thought on “The cost of free

  1. Like you, I wonder at the propensity of EVE players to make much ado about nothing. I think it’s a factor of the type of audience that EVE tends to attract, (anarchist, anti-authoritarian) and also because the EVE playerbase has been stagnant for so long, the players are relatively familiar with CCP and as such treat them with the kind of familiar disdain that you would have for a local grocery chain. “Oh there they go screwing up again…” Yet despite all their complaints they still dutifully buy PLEXs…

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