So it doesn’t have to be Osmon after all

This was a nice surprise.

There are two temporary upgrades of Sisters Of EVE Agents to L4 Security in Lanngisi and Apanake (Empire Systems).  One may be considered for permanent upgrade down the track.

I had decided to give Osmon a try, but now might use one of these alternatives instead.  I will wait a week however for things to settle down a bit.

Usain Bolt

There are a large number of EVE commentators who seem giddy with excitement for the Warp Speed / Interceptor changes coming with Rubicon. That should be a warning flag for CCP.

These 4 YouTube videos (3 of which I saw via and both show how cool this change is, and also just how much they will likely change the game from a PVP point of view.

I’m still in support of them – but then again, I don’t tend to fly anything big in Low or Null Sec.

(I’ve had to edit this post a couple of times – the process of imbedding Youtube videos has a first quirks.)