Daylight Savings started here on the weekend and that effectively moved the daily EVE downtime from 9pm to 10pm.

I had gotten into a pattern each evening of catching up on a recorded TV show with my wife, then coming into my study at around 9:30pm ready to play EVE for an uninterrupted hour or two. Now I am sitting down in my study knowing EVE will be going down shortly, and ending up getting nothing done.

But that is not what I am referring to in the subject of this post.

I do tend to have time to do my Trade Updates.

I question why I comment on my trading in this blog. It seems if I ever remark on things being quiet or profitable, I am immediately flooded in game with competition. Since the start of the month nearly every area I operate in has had 1 to 4 new traders join. It is the most I think I have ever seen.

I don’t blame this blog. It is not because people are responding to what they have read here. Frankly there are not all that many of you! No – it is Murphy’s Law, which tends to be very cruel.

But that is not what I am referring to in the subject of this post.

No – the thing that I find irritating is that a number of the new traders use a tactic that SHITS ME TO TEARS.

So you have a buy order up


The competition comes along and puts in


Because of the game font, you don’t always pick up on the 8 being there instead of a 0.

I am happy to admit I fall for this and variations of it every so often – particularly on some of the bigger buy orders with 8+ digits in them. However, I ALWAYS refresh the Buyers list after I update my orders and immediately notice if I have not moved up on the list to where I expected. I then note the item down, and return 5 minutes later to update it properly. Usually I will spitefully cut out 10% of the profit when I do so.


Sometimes I get sick of the constant daily grind of updating my trade orders.

Except for when people are using that trick.

Then I feel compelled to update those orders at least daily, so that the annoying shits don’t win.