Day 5

The good news is my wife has to attend a Funeral.

No – that didn’t sound right. The bad news is my wife has to attend a Funeral; the good news is it is a couple of hours away and she is taking our daughter. Even better news, my Son is spending the day at one of his mate’s place.

That means an uninterrupted Wormhole exploring session!

This might be the last trip for a bit (it was, this is an old entry), so let’s get into it.

[The Bleak Lands]
Junsen – 1

I undock to see only 1 Signature. In 2 scans I pin point a wormhole.

(If you are wondering why I am mentioning how many scans I am taking to find signatures, it is reflecting that I am concentrating on being braver with my scanning. Instead of more gradually stepping down my probe sizes, I am being far more aggressive. It is paying dividends, and makes me wonder why I didn’t do this earlier.)


J144153 8+1 (Gas, Data, Data, Data, Gas, WH to C3, Data, Data)

I jump through in to my first wormhole of the session. There is nothing on scan and no apparent recent activity. I warp off to the distant planet and pick up 1 tower on Scan. I am soon sitting cloaked looking at it. It has an Extra Large Ship Maintenance Array anchored, which just looks very silly. I don’t tend to see many of those in my travels.


I move to a quiet corner of the system and launch probes. The 9 Signatures are in 3 separate clusters.

1 – Inbound Wormhole
2 – Gas ignored
4 – Data ignored
6 – Data ignored
8 – Data ignored
10 – Gas ignored
12 – Wormhole Identified
14 – Wormhole to C3 Bookmarked
16 – Data ignored
17 – Data ignored

There is still no activity on scan, and only one path to follow, so I step through into the C3.


J114010 10+1 (Gas, WH to Unknown, Data, Data, Gas, Relic, WH to 0.0, Relic, Gas, Gas)

There are no ships on scan and the Wormhole has no recent activity. I find 4 towers in system, none with force fields. Two have incapacitated modules suggesting a violent end to this occupation. There is nothing of worth to scrounge.

With everything still looking clear it is time to Scan. The Signatures are all over the place, which slows the process down.

1 – Inbound Wormhole
3 – Gas ignored
5 – Wormhole to unknown Bookmarked
7 – Data ignored
8 – Data ignored
10 – Gas ignored
11 – Relic ignored
14 – Wormhole to Null Bookmarked
17 – Relic ignored
18 – Gas ignored

I’ve noticed nothing new on scan, and I have two paths to check out. I start with the Null Sec hole.


[Cobalt Edge]
M-VACR– 0+1

There is only the inbound wormhole in system, so that ends my travel unless I use a gate. I see a Thanatos on scan with fighters out and wrecks. A ratting carrier in an anomaly. I should be able to work out which one he is in quickly, warp in and point him to give him a heart attack, then warp out. But I don’t. Instead I step back through into the Wormhole.



I warp across to the second wormhole to explore. I look away while in warp and am not paying attention when I land. I hear the distinct sound of a wormhole being activated. I scurry back to find myself decloaked and sitting on a wormhole. So much for warping to 30km.  Did I do something foolish like jumping on contact? No – I am still in the same wormhole. So someone has just either jumped out as I landed, or is in a session change cloak with me. I turn on the damage control and sensor booster, but no one appears.

Arrggg – not paying close enough attention and I miss something again. I warp out, wait a short period, then warp back and jump through, half expecting an ambush.


J144135 10+1

This is a C4 with no recent activity and 30+ Anomalies.

I warp around and identify 2 POS with no Force fields. They have some anchored weaponry but nothing of value. A Badger then appears on scan – and from the direction I am guessing it is on the Wormhole. I warp in at distance to see it sitting there.

As I watch it goes through. Maybe that is what jumped past me before? Maybe it is going through to Hi-Sec, although it seems a silly path to follow?  As I ponder this, the Badger jumps back through into this system again, polarised, and sits unmoving on the hole. I am too far away to do anything about it, plus it smacks of being a trap.



I ignore it and warp off to identify the location of the extra 2 POS with no Force Fields. Again there is nothing of value to loot, but it seems to be worth paying attention to.

The Badger disappears and reappears on scan, and I get one blip of a Proteus.

I return to the wormhole to see the Badger sitting a couple hundred K off the hole, moving slowly away. It has been renamed “Loki Destroyer”.

After a while a Tengu appears, and then the badger warps off, followed by the Tengu. They disappear from scan, then a Falcon blips on one cycle.

That wouldn’t have been a fair fight. It also isn’t something I want to run into – so I give scanning down this system a miss.

I return the way I came without incident, and park in the same Station I started out from.



Latest Trip Count – 6 sessions, 29 Empire Systems, 17 Wormholes, 2 Null System, 1 kill

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