Thanks on hold

Well, until CCP and its player base can come to some carefully constructed and agreeable framework for hand-outs to those who provide benefit to the game and its community.


I then went over and read some of the feedback on the Hi-Sec POCO changes:

I was excited by the POCO changes when they were first flagged. I was then deflated when I learnt the NPC tax would still stand. Now I am left unsure how my own small PI infrastructure and plans for a POCO or three will play out in the long term. I am just going to have to wait and see how it turns out, and adjust my game play accordingly.


Reading these two threads, I felt they both had the same annoying undertones. I am seeing it more and more over time. It wasn’t the trolls – who were certainly plying their trade. No – it was the evangelists.

Evangelism is the practice of relaying information about a set of beliefs with the object of conversion. You do not have a debate with them. They are not interested in hearing your opinion, just converting you to theirs.

The first thread has a lot of opportunistic evangelists. They leap on anything with relevance to push their claim that CCP is a corrupt and repulsive game wrecking entity.

The second thread has a lot of black and white evangelists. They can only see the game from a very restricted point of view, which ignores the fact that EVE is full of colour.

In some way the Evangelist is more dangerous than the Troll. They can have an air of legitimacy about them, yet they stifle the debate just the same.

So where do I come in? What’s my angle? Am I a voice of reason? No – my focus is very much on the longevity of the game, and how I can maintain a worthwhile and relatively solo niche within it. As such I would prefer both the topics above were not being derailed.

4 thoughts on “Thanks on hold

  1. Awwww come on Hermit. Next you’ll be expecting people to be able to acknowledge another point of view. And to discuss it and the differences with your own opinion. Calmly. And rationally. Just like adults do…

  2. Your first mistake was to read the EVE forums 🙂

    Honestly, I read the Dev blogs but never, ever read the comments from the unwashed masses. I prefer (gasp), for that.

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